To Roberto Coin No. 19 Come on boys, 11th March - or better, beckons. Great work. God Speed. Geoff. Clarke, Shrewsbury Geoff. Clarke Go on..Go on..Go on........Get back in the race boys!! How amazing have you been so far.. Sending you good vibes. I'll have one of those oars!! Push it...not long to go! Nicky VISION OF CORNWALL Come on Ben & Phil now is not the time to lag behind dig deep and it will soon be all over all your family & friends are willing you on, give us all an oar and we will help. Keep the sustenance up. Take Care, your nearly there! Lots of Love Mum & Dave jackie cummings Atlantic Dragon / Patience - stop loafing and start smashing yourselves! good work now push yourselves and climb up the leader board. Rest is weakness. Lots of love, orlando Orlando Rogers Hi Norman and james, Your doing really well, keep it up! Hope you dont have to go on the para anchor again! Even though its march now we still have a sharp frost and slight snow!! We will keep praying for you every sunday. Love Guy, Gill and Olivia Olivia, Guy and Gill pickup Luke and Mac WOW awesome rowing guys! keep the record numbers up x sue x sue Hi Dean... You guys are doing incredibly well, right up there in the front runners!...Hope you are both still best mates!...keep it up, we're cheering you on...Fi, John & Fiona Cazaly Mission Atlantic. Keep up the good work. You are going great guns. The big island is also dot watching. Peter. (Richard's Uncle. Perth Western Australia). Peter A. Liron Hi Phil & Skippy, Couldn't sleep so here I am. You are doing so well we are very proud of you. Hope the weather is better for you. Take care. Love Ali and Bernard xx Bernard & Ali ahoy pendovey swift, nature is not helping we know, but we are praying for the winds to be in your favour,all our friends are cheering you both along,god speed,colin and eileen colin taylor


The Atlantic Rowing Race 2009 is one of the world's toughest ocean rowing challenges and the ultimate test of mental strength and physical ability.  This gruelling 2,550 nautical mile race will start from La Gomera, Canary Islands on Sunday 6th December and finish anytime between 40 and 90 days later in Antigua, West Indies.

Using purposely designed and built ocean rowing boats governed by a comprehensive set of event rules and a mandatory equipment list ensures the highest standards of safety and a level playing field.  Solo rowers as well as crews of two and four will compete for the highest accolade - to be the first to reach the finish line, in the quickest possible time.

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