Hey Sean, Hows it going. We heard about the ship. My teacher and all my friends are asking after u. Well done. We're all rooting for u . WELL DONE SEAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck, from, Alison Stephen,Trudy, Jason, Evan, Alison Hi to David on Britannia III. Home stretch now - keep it strong! You and the guys have been putting in some impressive distances, good work. Barbados awaits you - hot women and cool beverages... Good rowing, Chris. Chris Covey hi phil n skippy, damn weather eh? might have more snow here today!! isn't it your birthday soon skippy? happy birthday anyways, just in case old man!! celebs when you get back!!!! heads down n chins up, give it some welly!! emma xx emma Your guys are doing great!!! Hope that the rowing is not too awful. You will have arms like tree trunks when you are finished. We hope the weather is holding good for you. Good Luck and a fair wind at your back to push you all the way there. Have you run out of beer yet? dave, sue, chris, carey and rikki sevier NO FEAR - Hi Boys - what are you going backwards for? Go West! We're still watching you... Mike & Andy MikeG yorkshire challenger Hey guys back from antigua, amazing place looked down on english harbour from an amazing place called shirley heights, big steel band, big cook up and amazing sunsets, Your efforts will be well rewarded so chins up xxxxxx kaz grose Keep the Faith and "thou shalt decree a Thing and it shall be established unto thee and light shall shine upon thy path". Watching you from Arizona Friend of Norman Ciao Freddy fred schofield Vision of Cornwall Skippy & Phil. Must be testing the endurance even more with the current weather conditions, keep positive & the dream in mind. Where's your blog?! We've got to read everyone else's to see what's going on! Keep safe love Dad & Heather xx Dad & Heather pendovey swift. Hi both your doing a great job although at the moment you probabley don't think so keep up the good work good luck see you back in blighty luv D & K derek & kath Chris and Joe Boat 53 Keep it up you are still holding your position ,thinking of you--off to a party now. Mary and Ian


The Atlantic Rowing Race 2009 is one of the world's toughest ocean rowing challenges and the ultimate test of mental strength and physical ability.  This gruelling 2,550 nautical mile race will start from La Gomera, Canary Islands on Sunday 6th December and finish anytime between 40 and 90 days later in Antigua, West Indies.

Using purposely designed and built ocean rowing boats governed by a comprehensive set of event rules and a mandatory equipment list ensures the highest standards of safety and a level playing field.  Solo rowers as well as crews of two and four will compete for the highest accolade - to be the first to reach the finish line, in the quickest possible time.

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