congratulations Sean, a fantastic achievement. John/Ursula Delaney. john delaney Désolé nous ne parlons pas Anglais, mais "congratulations" pour votre exploit et contents d'avoir été vos voisins a La Gomera début décembre 2009 Philippe et Francine de NACOUDA a la GOMERA Well done Sean, what determination you had on completeing yor nightmareish journey,it was a great pleasure in meeting you in Antigua and hearing about your battle across the Atlantic what a brave and courageous man you are also a credit to your Family.... All the best Bridget & Kevin Bridget & Kevin Pearce So delighted that you made it safely. Huge congrats....well done. You'll be wibbly-wobbly on land for a week! Sean and Aideen Killaloe Hello Sean, Just to say many congratulations on your achievement. I was there to witness your arrival, as I'd been sailing in ARW. It was an emotional moment for all those witnessing your arrival and I don't even know you! Congratulations again....amazing. Johanna Shaun, you really are a man of steel. Lookin forward to catching you at the prize giving. Tremendous! mike arnold Sean Job well done.!!!!Have enjoyed following your progress and monumental achievement. Good luck. Ian McGlade Congratulations Sean, a job well done.We are in awe at all the rowers achievements.Congratulations to you all.Also admiration of everyone involved on the organising teams.You all did an amazing job, with every competitor arriving safely. Brian King Cardiff Yacht Club,S. Wales. Brian King What an epic journey! It was a pleasure to meet you in La Gomera and I have watched you all the way. Well done Liz Scott (mighty bouche's Mum Liz Scott Comhgairdeas Sean, An maith go Deo. An gaisce deanta agat. Taimid an bhródúil gur as luimneach a Thainig Tu. go maireadh tu i bhfad. Frank Dennison Frank Dennison Abbeyfeale


Morning Sean, breakfast and papers on order see you on the Shannon you are nearly there
Donal Boland, 28 Apr 2010 12:20 BST

Hi Sean
I live in Co.Down, I heard your interview on the radio on the way to work was the first I had heard about your trip and I was stunned! I can't imagine the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual highs and lows you have experienced on your journey. The sheer determination has left me gobsmacked!! I teach in an all boys school and I have been telling all of them about are nothing short of amazing and an inspiration to people, no matter what they are going through. Well Done!! I'd say you can nearly taste that steak ; -) Px
Patricia Gallagher, 28 Apr 2010 09:50 BST

All cheering you on Sean in Moville rowing club Inishowen.. You are Entering the final journey to the line at Antigua.
Don McGinley, 28 Apr 2010 09:00 BST

Time to throw on the game face...give a big aaarrrggghhhh yell, dig deep, and row that boat! You ROCK!!!!! Extra karma & prayers from your friends in Texas!
Chris, 28 Apr 2010 02:52 BST

Well done Sean, less than 200NM to do, only a few days left. You are an inspiration to all.
Fintan, 27 Apr 2010 22:38 BST

Hi Sean, great to see all those miles behind you, it is so great to think you are only days away weel done,jones incobh
carmel jones, 27 Apr 2010 22:06 BST

we have been login on since the start of the race and supported Roberto Coin, however we have also been keen to follow all teams and have enjoyed watching progress.keep going Sean you will soon be home and dry
martin hutchinson, 27 Apr 2010 21:48 BST

Hi Sean , well done i will have one of my very special chocolate cake ready for you on your return , See you soon Trish Fenton
Trish Fenton, 27 Apr 2010 17:39 BST

When the odds are one in a million,you are that one. John Delaney
John Delaney, 27 Apr 2010 17:03 BST

You are nearly there Sean getting geared up for the last 200. You are pulling a blinder. My daughter came home from school today and was talking about you - I think her teacher had heard the interview on the radio and she was telling me you would be in America in like 20 mins !!!!! (if only) I was so proud to be able to tell her I knew you and that I used to row with your sisters. Well done.
Michelle McElligott Carpenter, 27 Apr 2010 16:41 BST

Congrats, under 200 miles to go. Hope you enjoy the last few miles and all the celebrations to follow.
John Prendergast
John prendergast, 27 Apr 2010 16:36 BST

Great effort Sean! Fantastic mileage in the last day or so! Never met you but I'm watching your progress daily - Keep going!

Best of luck!
Pete.Belcher, 27 Apr 2010 15:49 BST

Sean under 200nm now you are flying.A few more days and you will be there.row strong stay safe and well .my thoughts and best wishes are with you.
Sandr Fudge, 27 Apr 2010 13:57 BST

hi sean, dont know you but have followed your progress. heard you on morning ireland this am. fantastic. nearly there. you will be smelling land soon. paul.
paul walsh, 27 Apr 2010 11:01 BST

Great to hear you on the radio today Seán, you sounded great, delighted that we haven't too long more to wait to see you. Would love to be in Antigua but will be with you in spirit, God speed and be careful on the last leg of your journey.
Love you so much and so proud of you,
Mam & Dad xxx
Mam & Dad, 27 Apr 2010 09:46 BST

morning Sean wow those miles are going down now by the time you get this you should be under're doing so well. stay strong row hard stay safe and well ,and you'll be on shore before you know it.
Sandra Fudge, 27 Apr 2010 07:56 BST

Nearly there now Seán,
All very proud of you here and can't wait to see you. Stay safe!!
Love Brigid, Adrian, Seá, Rónan & Darragh xxxxx
The Lyons Clan, 26 Apr 2010 21:50 BST

Extremely well done james.. looks good to be back on land!! look forward to seeing you in MAY..
steve coe, 26 Apr 2010 18:56 BST

Well done James congratulations on your incredible achievement. Sit back and enjoy a well deserved cool beer or two
Tom Mc Gowan
Tom Mc Gowan, 26 Apr 2010 14:50 BST

Sean your courage and strength are amazing. You are an inspiration to learn from, keep it going. Flippy would be proud of you.
Gerry O'Brien NY, 26 Apr 2010 14:09 BST

Sean, magnificent achievement and tremendous courage ,the country should act in your image. The Irish Provincial RugbyTeams will look to you for inspiration at the week-end
eddye duffy, 26 Apr 2010 12:43 BST

JAmes - very well done - will miss following your dot in front of Sean's every day

Sean - nearly there. you'll be home to a hero's welcome in no time
Sheila, 26 Apr 2010 11:46 BST

Sean, am doing 1/2 ironman in 3 weeks. You are giving me great inspiration on long runs and cycles. thanks . A few big 20s will get you home.
Brian O Shaughnessy
brian, 26 Apr 2010 10:13 BST

Well done Sean. The NM to Antigua are getting smaller and smaller. Best of luck. Arthur.
Arthur O'Brien, 26 Apr 2010 00:41 BST

Go Sean
Almost there another 258 miles to go!!!
Soon you will be on land a reunited with your family..
Best of Luck
Jessica Blatter xx
Jessica Blatter, 26 Apr 2010 00:17 BST

Well Done!
You are finally on land.
Congratulations.What an achivement!!!
I bet you are looking foward to seeing your family.
I was one of the children on the ABSAR RIB (who came to lead you in)!!
Great Job
Jessica Blatter, 26 Apr 2010 00:15 BST

Well done Seán & Tess,
You are playing a blinder, hope the Mars bar tasted good!! Looking forward to seeing you next week.
Love Brigid, Adrian, Seán, Rónan & Darragh xxxxx
The Lyons Clan, 25 Apr 2010 21:26 BST

knockea school had a tablequiz last thursday, and john lannon and i did a a page of questions only based on you and tess! thats fame for you:)) we collected some money for soweto, too! keep up the great work, me and my kids(They were some of the kids in that piece on tnag) are watching your progress every day and we hope you come back to our school after your are home to tell some of your story! keep on rowing, your are an absolute legend! anke halmschlag
anke halmschlag, 25 Apr 2010 19:48 BST

Glad to see you arrive safe in English harbour, hope you enjoyed your cup of tea. Angie & mike
Angie & Mike, 25 Apr 2010 16:06 BST

Glad to see you in English harbour hope you enjoyed my cup of tea.
Angie & Mike, 25 Apr 2010 16:05 BST

Well done on a truly remarkable achievement Sean.
"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish."
Derek Carmody, 25 Apr 2010 13:20 BST

Sean, We are all thinking of you long and hard! You now have the Ocean to yourself and you are going to have the MOST fantastic WELCOME of all when you reach Antigua. We shall be with you in spirit. Row hard now and get in soon and safely! Love, all the Pitchers.
Pitchers, 25 Apr 2010 13:19 BST

Sean doing so well keep it up stay strong and focussed.You are amazing so strong and determined both physically and mentally.The last one left out there but you are the best.Hope the food is holding out as well as you are.Hopes for fair seas and following winds are sent to you with my best wishes.
sandra Fudge, 25 Apr 2010 10:42 BST

James congratulations you've done it now enjoy you're well deserved rest .time with your loved ones good food cold beer and a nice soft bed.You are truly amazing.
Sandra Fudge, 25 Apr 2010 10:37 BST

well done James what an achievement. See you back at the Sports centre
Tony Hall, 25 Apr 2010 07:48 BST

well done James what an achievement. See you back at the Sports centre
Tony Hall, 25 Apr 2010 07:46 BST

You must be there! Full of admiration for you.
Carol, 25 Apr 2010 06:32 BST

It's 06.24 and I'm up to check your progress, Shaun. I'm sharing your excitement. Hope you don't mind !! Be strong, keep pulling.Carol
Carol, 25 Apr 2010 06:30 BST

nearly there Sean, thursday we'll be in antigua, can't wait. we'll have the munster flag flying for you, and a cold one on ice.
donna mc gowan, 25 Apr 2010 00:56 BST

Congratulations James a truly amazing achievement.
Michelle & Glen , 24 Apr 2010 22:55 BST

Well done Ketch, everyone in the office has been cheering you on, so glad that you have made it in one piece!
Nick M, 24 Apr 2010 20:09 BST

Brian King, 24 Apr 2010 19:29 BST

Sean, keep it up. Nearly there
Finn Lannon, 24 Apr 2010 17:00 BST

Its the business end of the race. In a weeks time you'll be looking for land on the horizon. Not long to go.
Looking like a champion out there. Keep it going.
Ian McGlade, 24 Apr 2010 16:06 BST

Well done Sean, 300 barrier broken. Not long now to go. Best of luck. Fintan
Fintan, 24 Apr 2010 14:12 BST

Seán & Tess ... Don't know ye ... however tá suil agam go n-eirigh libh slán san Antigua after your magnificent endeavour.
Paula Madden, 24 Apr 2010 13:58 BST

Keep it up James you'll hit dry land soon - what a great achievement - congrats to you and the mighty Speedo!
Hazel & Steve, 24 Apr 2010 13:34 BST

Séan the KID you have covered some ground in the last few days you must have got a new lease of life now you can smell the finish line. Keep her lit each pull gets you closer. I hope food rations are still ok keep you're head up

Eamon Russell, 24 Apr 2010 10:28 BST

James nearly there a few hours more should see you in Antigua.Sean under 300nm now you're doing so well keep it up and you will soon be there too.row strong stay safe and well may you have fair seas and following winds.
sandra fudge, 24 Apr 2010 09:30 BST

Great work Sean! Cheers and prayers to you from Austin, TX!
Chris Wollam, 24 Apr 2010 01:32 BST

keep it up you are an inspiration in tough times
tadhg twomey, 23 Apr 2010 19:49 BST

Hi Seán,
Well done, by this rate hopefully you will make Antigua sooner than we hoped for. Not too long more so enjoy the last days of tranquility while at sea because the party is gearing up to take off!!!
Love Brigid, Adrian, Seán, Rónan & Darragh xxxxx
The Lyons Clan, 23 Apr 2010 16:29 BST

Well done COB - record 41nm in 24hrs... record days row!! (Sean = COB ::: TESS)
JD, 23 Apr 2010 16:28 BST

Tess and Speedo,
Boys, fantastic effort! You really are the tough ones of the race, although it may not feel like it right now. You must be feeling like shit but it wont be long before you see land and that rush of euphoria will hit you. Well worth waiting for!!! Thinking of you both, stay focused and safe nearly there!!!! Mike.
mike arnold, 23 Apr 2010 15:50 BST

James, Sean. I can not express my admiration that i have you. what you have done is incredible
leo, 23 Apr 2010 11:42 BST

Hey Sean
That finishing line is beckoning...hope the wind stays on your back this weekend and keeps you flying towards your end goal.
Stay safe and strong
Louise, Cape Town, South Africa
Louise Goddard, 23 Apr 2010 10:44 BST

I am so excited, Jamo you are sooo nearly there. Tomorrow its wobbly legs, champers & celebration day. What good timing. You're an absolute Star. This is early congratulations as I will not be able to blog tomorrow. Sob..sob.. OH BOY ITS LAND AHOY TO ENJOY FOR YOU AND YOUR LITTLE DINGY TOY....Great stuff man xxx Tess (Nyamazela land)
Tess Mills, 23 Apr 2010 09:52 BST

I see 2 very HAPPY CHAPPIES on the get it Jamo, you beaut. You have passed Go & you can now collect your reward. Fantabulous achievement booitjie And Seano just another few days of tapping & me blogging & then what enjoying this trip so much, without any pain, sorry for you. Thanks for sharing your dream with us out here. Have a peachy day all of you xxx Tess (Nyamazela land)
Tess Mills, 23 Apr 2010 06:46 BST

Hi James & Sean - way to go. We wish you both good winds & look forward to being part of a special welcome @ English Harbour just as soon as your strength can carry you here. With all good luck.
Jenny & Tony Meston in Antigua, 23 Apr 2010 01:13 BST

Hi Sean & Tess, having checked your progress since 5 April until 22 April you have covered 452 miles. That's an average of 25.58 miles per day. Will keep following you. Great stuff for "one man and his boat". Keep going brave man you'll do it. Hans
Hans van Leeuwen, 23 Apr 2010 00:54 BST

Sean (Tess) - Sail with that Ireland flag as highly as you can hoist it. You're doing us proud. Well done on an an amazing achievement of human endurace. To a true hero!
Philip - \fublin, 22 Apr 2010 23:44 BST

Séan the KID well done nearly there what a journey you must have had highs and lows and now you are just a trip out the Shannon to Loop Head and back + a little and you're home

Eamon Russell, 22 Apr 2010 23:03 BST

Well done Sean, great progress again today despite those pilot whales hindering you. They must be just welcoming you to Antiguan waters. Stay safe.
Natalie McGowan, 22 Apr 2010 22:17 BST

You guys are the tops!
What strength of character you are showing with your blind determination to finish. Keep it up we wish you well.

Ex Vision of Cornwall Reef Bashers supporter.
Dumper Dave, 22 Apr 2010 20:41 BST

You deserve a trophy for determination and courage. Keep going, you are nearly there now. what a story you will have to tell. Frank
Frank Abbeyfeale, 22 Apr 2010 20:27 BST

Sean - Keep up the fantastic work youve done fantastic .look forward to meeting you when you get back and hearing the stories.

Well done and I hope you get a nice long break with your family after this ye all deserve it.

Tony Bedford, 22 Apr 2010 17:14 BST

13 % to go = 87 % done = great stuff !!! - I could imagine that your heart is pumping if you think of the fact the putting your foot on dry land for the first time ! - Will be soon ! - Good luck for the last 13 % - Joachim
Joachim Wolff, 22 Apr 2010 14:57 BST

Sean doing great keep it up and you will get there.You have so much strength of character and determination.Physical strength too to do what you are doing.Everyone is behind you following you every step of the way.Just think about Antigua and what awaits. Stay strong stay safe and well.
Sandra Fudge, 22 Apr 2010 14:00 BST

James double figures nearly there you're doing great. soon be on terra firma with your loved ones.Stay strong safe and well
Sandra Fudge, 22 Apr 2010 13:56 BST

I've been following all you boaters since December. James (Speedo) - almost there. You should start next week on dry land!
Sean (Tess) I can't believe your tenacity. Over 85% done, keep it up!
Michelle, 22 Apr 2010 12:35 BST

I don't know you but have great admiration for you for your perseverance. It looks like you're not far from the finish now.
'Keep buggering on' as Winston Churchill once said. Grit those teeth and breath in time to the tune of Rocky as you row. You can do it!!! I'm routing for you all the way! God speed.
Dominic Freeland, 22 Apr 2010 11:52 BST

Nearly there Sean. Stay safe and well
Reidy Family, 22 Apr 2010 08:56 BST

Jamo, 2 more sleeps & u will be crowned with your victory. Go get it buds, you've kept us bloggers glued for plenty days. And Seano, you got few more sleeps and the same applies to you. What a journey of endurance, strength & mental fatigue. You did it just because YOU COULD. Awesome achievement & we salute you, the lasting 2 heroes of the big time ocean. Have a peachy sunny weekend xxx Tess (Nyamazela land)
Tess Mills, 22 Apr 2010 07:15 BST

Wow! Broken the 400 mark - FAB!! Still checking daily - what will we do when you finally dock. Ex Waterbabes supporter!
Jane P from Devon, 21 Apr 2010 21:09 BST

Incredible journey Sean. I am following you from Cape Town and am in awe of your courage and strength. Nearly there - keep up the good progress you are making!
Neville, 21 Apr 2010 20:15 BST

To James and Sean, what a longgggg row.. I know it might not feel like it but you 'R' getting closer to that well deserved chilled drink... dry land is pretty cool too.. keep focused.. steve (No fear)..
steve coe, 21 Apr 2010 20:02 BST

Go Dad (tess) I know you wont be there for my conformation but once you finish this i dont care !!!!!! Love you and miss you lots CHLOE xxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chloe xxxxxxxxx, 21 Apr 2010 19:31 BST

Hey Sean, well done on your progress, keep going, nearly home. Keep safe.....we are cheering you all the way....
Linda & Olimpia, 21 Apr 2010 16:19 BST

Go Cap'n Ketch!
So close now, excellent effort so far. You've rounded the corner and on the home straight now so keep going! And bloody hurry up so you can finish and they can take all these posters down at work with your ugly mug staring at me everywhere I go!! Stay safe mate, and row hard!
Tony Bailey, 21 Apr 2010 13:52 BST

Sean and James - watching your progres all the way. You guys are the business! Keep those oars moving, the miles to go figure is going down, you have nearly finished. Absolutely brilliant effort from you both.

Norman and James Beech
Beech Boys
Norman Beech, 21 Apr 2010 12:57 BST

Keep the chin up Sean...nearly there. You'll be home safe and sound to see Munster lift the Heineken Cup again :) Best Wishes..Mike
Mike Delaney, 21 Apr 2010 11:31 BST

Hi James doing great keep it up stay safe and well row strong and you will soon be there.
Sandra Fudge, 21 Apr 2010 08:24 BST

Hi Sean wow under 400nm fantastic,keep it up .Keep rowing strong stay safe and well and think of what awaits you in Antigua.
Sandra Fudge, 21 Apr 2010 08:23 BST

Greets dudes!

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MoMialmot, 21 Apr 2010 00:52 BST

Seán & Tess,
By the morning the 300's will be upon us, and our excitement here at the prospect of your arrival in Antigua is beginning to take hold. Let's hope the wind is at your back and makes for steady and swift progress on the latter stages of this great adventure. Stay safe!
Love Brigid, Adrian, Seán, Rónan & Darragh xxxxx
The Lyons Clan, 20 Apr 2010 22:57 BST

James & Shaun,
You both are a massive inspiration to me. Can't wait to see photos of your arrival. Not long now. Carol. Canaries
Carol, 20 Apr 2010 21:30 BST

c;mon sean all of the yorkshire challenger gang are with you at every stroke. Chin up hey ! Antigua and the rum punch will be worth every stroke. lots of love
Team JCT 600 and Kaz x
kaz , 20 Apr 2010 20:02 BST

Tess/ Sean

keep at it our kid not long now before you return to an expectant table 7 for a pint of the black stuff.

big brother
Tom Mc Gowan, 20 Apr 2010 17:33 BST

Congrats Leo!
Mike R-B, 20 Apr 2010 13:20 BST

Well done Seán, keep the push on. Glued to the computer and counting down the days now. Well done and keep her lit!!
Love Brigid, Adrian, Seán, Rónan & Darragh xxxxx
The Lyons Clan, 20 Apr 2010 12:37 BST

Sean on Tess. Keep going mate. Huge effort . Just imagine that feeling of stepping onto the dock! Good luck and Keep Rowing!!!!!!!!
Aussie Geoff, 20 Apr 2010 11:52 BST

Hi Sean and Tess.........what a fantastic will not feel heroic but from my lounge in South Africa you are know that some competitors are home alreay must eat you deep inside .......but COME ON YOU ARE NEARLY THERE...ONE STROKE AT A TIME CLOSER TO ANTIGUA.....KEEP IT UP.....Brian
Brian, 20 Apr 2010 04:59 BST

Great progress Sean and immense effort. What a reliable friend Tess has been to you. Best wishes on your final few laps.
Brendan & supporters in Killaloe.
Brendan Murray, 20 Apr 2010 02:57 BST

Sean/Tess: Come on - keep going! Keep believing! Not long to go!!! :)
Christos, 19 Apr 2010 23:53 BST

Sean (Tess)... You are doing so well.. we miss texting you on the Sat phone, sorry but we have run out of minutes!! I know you don`t recieve emails so Mrs Tess will you pass on our regards and wish sean all the very best!!!! watching your every movement... Stay safe and strong.. speak soon.. Dean & Neil (Spirit of M.A.)
Dean & Neil (Spirit of M.A.), 19 Apr 2010 22:38 BST

James keep up the good work your doing fantastic, your milage will some be in double figures... keep safe and strong!!! Dean & Neil (Spirit of M.A.)
Dean & Neil, 19 Apr 2010 22:24 BST

Leo, Very well done to you... enjoy the celebration.. Hope you still have some 'beef jerky' left, if so bring some along to the reunion we haven`t had any since La Gomera!! speak soon Dean & Neil (Spirit of M.A.)
Dean & Neil, 19 Apr 2010 22:15 BST

Hi Sean. I'm amazed at your courage. We're praying for good winds & currents to get you to the finish. My preschool children love to hear the daily reports of flying fish etc. Keep well & safe.
Betty Hayes, 19 Apr 2010 21:26 BST

Hi Sean, its faster your getting .... fantastic. Keep up the great effort.
Dan O'Donnell, 19 Apr 2010 20:10 BST

Sean and James, this challenge isn't over for any of us until you are both in. Thinking of you.

Leo , 19 Apr 2010 16:28 BST

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