congratulations Sean, a fantastic achievement. John/Ursula Delaney. john delaney Désolé nous ne parlons pas Anglais, mais "congratulations" pour votre exploit et contents d'avoir été vos voisins a La Gomera début décembre 2009 Philippe et Francine de NACOUDA a la GOMERA Well done Sean, what determination you had on completeing yor nightmareish journey,it was a great pleasure in meeting you in Antigua and hearing about your battle across the Atlantic what a brave and courageous man you are also a credit to your Family.... All the best Bridget & Kevin Bridget & Kevin Pearce So delighted that you made it safely. Huge congrats....well done. You'll be wibbly-wobbly on land for a week! Sean and Aideen Killaloe Hello Sean, Just to say many congratulations on your achievement. I was there to witness your arrival, as I'd been sailing in ARW. It was an emotional moment for all those witnessing your arrival and I don't even know you! Congratulations again....amazing. Johanna Shaun, you really are a man of steel. Lookin forward to catching you at the prize giving. Tremendous! mike arnold Sean Job well done.!!!!Have enjoyed following your progress and monumental achievement. Good luck. Ian McGlade Congratulations Sean, a job well done.We are in awe at all the rowers achievements.Congratulations to you all.Also admiration of everyone involved on the organising teams.You all did an amazing job, with every competitor arriving safely. Brian King Cardiff Yacht Club,S. Wales. Brian King What an epic journey! It was a pleasure to meet you in La Gomera and I have watched you all the way. Well done Liz Scott (mighty bouche's Mum Liz Scott Comhgairdeas Sean, An maith go Deo. An gaisce deanta agat. Taimid an bhródúil gur as luimneach a Thainig Tu. go maireadh tu i bhfad. Frank Dennison Frank Dennison Abbeyfeale


Mobilse your well worn backside bums, its time to get it together, dig deep, you have done well and it's time to become gods and become chariots of fire if only temporary.
steve p., 18 Mar 2010 00:50 GMT

annie mel.distance wise you were in glasgow at the weekend. you have made excellent progress and should pass through my home town not going to say where as you need to count down the miles which will make bristol/antigua appear sooner. you have rowed through the lake district and its all down hill now. love pete
bristol balloon pete, 17 Mar 2010 23:41 GMT

Wow guys you are 12th! Awesome!!
You'll be finished before you know it and what will bradshaw do with his time then???? I dread to think! You'll have to find something else to occupy him. lol
teresa bradshaw, 17 Mar 2010 23:31 GMT

annie mel. TREMENDOUS achievement so far. if the winds are favourable you can be home and dry in 4 days. your boat will be very light now. coupled with your determination and inner strength and your will to succeed. gather your resolve and go for it. get the yellow dot on land. love pete.
bristol balloon pete, 17 Mar 2010 23:27 GMT

Neil and Dean spirit of MA
Keep it up boys not long to go now, you'll soon be enjoying a beer or two with your families.
Brilliant effort well done
Terry Pritchard, 17 Mar 2010 22:42 GMT

Phil and Skippy Vision of Cornwall

Strong easterlies winds will be blowing, in the coming days...

Winds blown from Europe, from Cornwall...but which you cannot see ...
Jean-Noël, 17 Mar 2010 22:10 GMT

To Roo and Tom in Red Arrow.Well done. One more pull and you have done it. Absolutely blooming marvellous. The Isle of Wight are proud of you.
Chris & Sue Reed, 17 Mar 2010 21:54 GMT

Get on Vision of Cornwall, what have you got 150ish left? You have broken the bugger now! Charlestown gig club are rooting for you both. Dig in boys see you soon!
Nick n Claire, 17 Mar 2010 21:42 GMT

Karen and friends on Mission Atlantic. You're doing really well girls. Heading for a top 10 finish and Antigua on Sunday, weather permitting. Keep it up.
Judy & Len West, 17 Mar 2010 21:16 GMT

spirit of montanaro and vision of cornwall.
It sounds like you guys are going to have an awesome few days of surfing and progress to the finish line! Sooooo much fun! what a perfect end to an epic adventure. Thinking of you and wishing you a safe and quick trip to the bar... x
anna willmott, 17 Mar 2010 20:41 GMT

Vision of Cornwall.
Well boys - need the luck of the Irish on this St. Patrick's day to speed you to that finish line. Get those good winds behind you and get some surfing in to ease the rowing. Looking forward to seeing those miles crack the 100. Everyone here on your side. x
Jill Chidg, 17 Mar 2010 20:05 GMT

Dear Lia and Mike
Just wanted to say how much we have enjoyed reading your blog.
It has helped us to appreciate what its like out there for our crew on HOTW who can't blog.
Good luck to you both and hopefully for you happy landings tomorrow! mood colour rainbow!
What an oresome challenge ! well done.
Josie Langmead, 17 Mar 2010 20:03 GMT

woop woop mission atlantic
10th place
woop woop

hurry Jo Jo


thats was from alfie saying
lozzi needs a cuppa
loz, 17 Mar 2010 19:55 GMT

hey missy's on mission atlantic

the miles are flying by now, I am sure you are soooooooooooo looking forward to setting foot on dry land.

we cannot wait to hear all the fab stories I am sure you have

still hoping you you will be in antigua at the weekend for a well earned rest, oh and to top up your tans before heading back to sunny england.

make the most of the last few days of your mad adventure

stay strong and positive

love and hugs
lozzi, alfie and little bump
loz, 17 Mar 2010 19:41 GMT


Well done !!! Final few days then fame and glory !!!
steve p, 17 Mar 2010 19:32 GMT

Beech boys
Congratulations on reaching the 485 mark. Sorry the winds are not favourable it must be so frustating for everyone to be so near and yet so far, We will keep praying they will help you to speed to the finish line soon and that James 's back will improve. The one consolation you have is that it has been one of the worst and slowest races. We love your blogs and the money is creeping up. Keep going and smiling we are all behind you. Love Kay
Kay shepherd, 17 Mar 2010 19:30 GMT

Hi Seán, Happy St. Patricks Day from Letterkenny. This time next year we will have you leading the parad in on terra firma. Keep her lit!
Love Brigid, Adrian, Seán, Rónan & Darragh xxxxx
The Lyons Clan, 17 Mar 2010 19:27 GMT

Hey Pete.....WELL DONE....SOOOO CLOSE NOW........dig deep and I hope the weather systems get behind you now and you clock up some serious nmiles. I salute you!!!!!
Brian Louw, 17 Mar 2010 19:24 GMT

Go Beech Boys Go
We are all so excited to see the finish line looming - amazing effort guys. It's going to be so weird to walk on solid ground again. By the way, have you tried walking on water Jesus style or calming the storm? Hey, may be stay in the boat in case! Love The Thornes
Thorne Family, 17 Mar 2010 19:21 GMT

Hi Phil & Ben
Watching your progress daily - its addictive!
you guys are so amazing keep your last bit of stamina now for the home run your so close you can almost taste the beer ready for you
go guys go !!!
all the best

Debbie - Cornwall Blind Association, 17 Mar 2010 18:56 GMT

Yeeehhhaaa - Come on Mike & Simon you're firing on all cylinders now - another place in your grasp and you need to make more distance between those lovely Explore girls! Who knows about Spirit of MA - no idea where they are 9th, 13th who knows!

Mike, we can't wait for our usual family meet ups down Langland, - I've got to say it's extreme lengths to go to to miss a Gower winter with no surf!
Sa, Si & Liv, 17 Mar 2010 18:32 GMT

Chris and Joe - HCL. Congratulations from Steyning! All our love xxx
Andie and Martin, 17 Mar 2010 18:18 GMT

Tom & Rich
What a fantastic achievement. Well done!! What's next?!?! Just don't get drunk with Andy Downie when he has an idea!!
You are both stars and very special.
Andy & Angela Sturt, 17 Mar 2010 17:30 GMT

Beech Boys jelly babies always good for the motivation. Hope the wind kicks in tomorrow, keep smiling not far to go now, fantastic achievement,
KT and Zach
db and kt, 17 Mar 2010 17:26 GMT

Hi Sean

Happy St. Patricks Day! You're doing great, ticking off the miles now. Stay safe.
Natalie McGowan, 17 Mar 2010 16:38 GMT

hello snowflakes! where ya goin now?
james cummings, 17 Mar 2010 16:07 GMT

Hi Beech Boys
I gave an update of your progress at AGM of Highcliffe Townswomens Guild last night and after applause they asked that I send their congratulations for reaching the 500 NM to go mark and their good wishes for the remaining miles to pass happily for you .
Keep safe
Love Mum xx
Corinne Beech, 17 Mar 2010 16:05 GMT

Limited Intelligence.

Dear Dom,
Into 10th place now and only 140 to go, phenomenal.
Happy paddy day to you all, hope you keep some passing seaweed to make your bunnets for today.
With your beards and green hats you must look like leprechans or fishing knomes to the passing wildlife. Mind you dont attract passing marlins.
We are all wishing you on yo the finish, well you will need cheering after your team slip 13 points behind Rangers. lol

William Ferguson, 17 Mar 2010 15:37 GMT

Well done Phil Pring and Ben Cummings. What an amazing achievement. Wishing you fair weather for the completion of your journey.
Alison Sulllivan, Cornwall Blind Association, 17 Mar 2010 15:25 GMT

For the FANTASTIC Waterbabes

I can't believe you have the strength left to turn it into a race to the finish!
.....or is it that you can't wait for that shower / beer / champagne and sorbet, in no particular order.

Hope the weather stays kind to help you to the finish.

Best wishes
Stephen R-G

Stephen Ross-Gower, 17 Mar 2010 15:22 GMT

Well done everyone! You will all be talking about this for many years to come! Good luck for those with rowing left to do...
Dom, 17 Mar 2010 15:16 GMT

70 plus days & now U got waves, I,d say thats swell so give it hell. U'r all doing great, u wont be late so u 'r homeward bound where land is found. All effort will be rewarded with memories, tears and joy, so dig deep and soon its LAND AHOY.
Awesome effort by all the rowers out there. We R proud of you xxx Tess fr Nyamazela land

Tess Mills, 17 Mar 2010 13:26 GMT

Joe and Chris, HCL WF1

Awesome, awesome, awesome.
Joe I am the proudest auntie in the world.

See you Saturday, XXX
kim , 17 Mar 2010 13:17 GMT

Séan a BOY the KID Great progress keep it up S wind does not help with east to follow keep sprits up happy St Patricks Day I will have a pint of Black for you and you can blast out the Voyage by Christy Moore thinking of you

Eamon Russell, 17 Mar 2010 12:45 GMT

Ádh na nÉireannach Mission Atlantic - (Luck of the Irish to Mission Atlantic).

Happy St Patrick's Girls. Your doing brilliant only a few days to go. Keep up the amazing rowing... Everyone can't wait to see you Kiley and hear all abut you adventure.

Clare xxxxxxx
Clare Kinsella, 17 Mar 2010 12:43 GMT

Happy St Patricks Day to Sean in the 'Tess'. Keep up the good work. Your flying it
Eoghan, 17 Mar 2010 12:24 GMT

Hey Pete,

Man I admire you. You are doing great. Just remember that Frosty when you finish. Go Pete Go.

From all at Schenker
Paul Keir, 17 Mar 2010 12:09 GMT

Beech Boys

Congrats on blasting through the 500 to go barrier !!

Hope you both keep fit and well for the last leg.

Looking forward to Ocean Atlantic replacing Bluebird as the most famous boat in Coniston.

Woody,Sue,Billy,Joe and Daisy.

Woody, 17 Mar 2010 12:06 GMT

To Chris and Jo, the naked chefs! Top job boys and amazing effort. Well done. See you in UK soon, dinner's on me! All the best. Charlie x
Charlie Pitcher, 17 Mar 2010 11:51 GMT

Pete, You are the main man. Beleive you are once more going to be supremo. Keep rowing Buddy.
J.J. and Famie, 17 Mar 2010 11:43 GMT

Rich, Tom and Terry (if he's still with you),
Keep close now! One final push and by tonight it'll be champagne cocktails on the beach with your ladies! GO,GO,GO
big love from an extremely proud
Kate, Neil and Zoe xx

kate Barr, 17 Mar 2010 11:11 GMT

YOUR'E GOING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!!!! ;) ANTIGUA is straight ahead! :) I'm so so so nervously excited for you!!. This incredible adventure is almost complete! You quoted 90 days! And its only 78 so far! Outstanding effort boys. Just think of the celebration to be had, the guys n gals waiting for you, oh, and the rum punch! PUSH ON - 3 days - HOME!! :)

Nicky James and friends, 17 Mar 2010 11:08 GMT

Pendovey Swift
great to hear on the radio this morning
not long to go
from pat
pat evans, 17 Mar 2010 11:05 GMT

vision of cornwall hi phil and skippy bet you could eat a nice cornish pasty have tracked your progress everyday you've had a hard trip hope the wind stays fairer to the finish well done
david and gran, 17 Mar 2010 10:53 GMT

Team Arrow! Land is in sight! You made it! there are no words for what you guys have accomplished! Welcome back and hope the return to civilisation goes smoothly! Lots of love Caitlin !xxx
Caitlin Ni Chathain, 17 Mar 2010 10:45 GMT

Vision of Cornwall - First thing every morning I log on and check how you're doing and you're nearly there now. So little left of your fantastic journey - it's been amazing following you on line. Scillies will be a piece of cake after this!
Liz and Ruth
Liz Pearson, 17 Mar 2010 10:23 GMT

Hi Mike&Simon,on Pendovey Swift,good to here you on the wave this morning,on the home run now what a fantastic experenice,well done,see you soon debbie,simon and emma,emma said im not to forget mitzi lol
debbie lacey, 17 Mar 2010 10:22 GMT

Phil and Skippy Vision of Cornwall

You are far ahead from me and close to Antigua.

You are far ahead from me but close to me...

And theses assertions are true independant from the south currents in the Ocean...

Jean-Noël, 17 Mar 2010 10:13 GMT

Go on Vision, almost there boys dig deep, keep up the good work!
Ian Davies, 17 Mar 2010 10:07 GMT


Hey you two. 2 weeks at 35 miles a day! Go for it! NJOY has a competition to see who can get nearest your time of arrival. Not sure what the prize will be - maybe a yellow jelly!
Keep focused - it'll be worth it
God Bless
Alan and Glenda

Alan and Glenda Phillips, 17 Mar 2010 09:58 GMT

Hi Simon & Mike on Pendovey Swift Good to hear you on the Wave this morning with Badger & Emma. Ive been watching your progress with great interest and admiration . What an experience for the both of you.The finishing flag is on the screen fair winds and determination and you will sample the delights of the West Indies soon. Your first few steps ashore will be like after a good night out in Wind Street!!Rum punch straight to the brain! Best Wishes. See you soon. ROY GRIFF
Roy Griffiths, 17 Mar 2010 09:37 GMT

Yeahhhhhhhhhh!! Only 488 to go now, what celebrations you had mmmmm we had jelly babies to! Blogs are great, you have to follow this with a book!? GO Boys. love Cathy & Mike xx
cathy edmondson, 17 Mar 2010 09:35 GMT

Pendovey Swift.
Mike ,Simon, hope you'r both fit and well.With the finishing line in sight I think you surpassed everyones expectations.We've taken you off the dead club in work anyway..Rowing to Ilfracombe would have been an achievement, but the Atlantic is something else!Dont suppose you'll ever want to go on a boat trip to the Maldives again Mike.Dig in for the last few strokes and enjoy the champagne. Looking forward to the stories over a coffee down the beach.
Mike Palmer, 17 Mar 2010 09:22 GMT

Hi Pete
Another good week..........the miles appear to be flying past which is FAN TAS TIC! You're probably invigorated to know that Kim and Hannah are winging their way to meet you! It's so exciting now that you're down to the final stretch...oh man...I can't wait to sign on in the morning and afternoon to check your progress. You are truly legend and we're all incredibly proud of you.
Stay safe and strong
Lots of love
Louise Goddard, 17 Mar 2010 09:22 GMT

To all of you, rowing and rowing... Although being a Frenchy and a supporter of Vivaldi and Karukera, I would like to send by best wishes to all the crews who are still at sea : no matter when you will land, what you are doing is unbelievable and I can only admire you all, guys. Keep going ! You'll make it !
hughes de Rancourt, 17 Mar 2010 08:52 GMT

Spirit of MA
Dean / Neil, you are still behind slightly on the updates but you have moved swiftly into 9th, taking over the lovely welsh boyo`s, you will have less than 200 to go so a weekend finish is almost certain, you`ve given fantastic effort for the last week or so being constantly the fastest in the remaining fleet, keep it going lads
Steve.....Leeds, 17 Mar 2010 08:31 GMT

Spirit of MA
Steve.....Leeds, 17 Mar 2010 08:25 GMT

The Beech Boys

Well done Norman & James. Only the length of an Indy 500 race to go (100 lengths of Conistin Water - you've aleady done 410!). Keep on rollin! Praying that the weather is kind and James's back improves. Can't wait to see you both and hear all the stories. Loving the blogs. Give Joe & Bubbles our crongrats. I hope Christine's packed a new hat!
God's speed to you both.
Love from the Brockbanks.
Steve, Jenni, Andrew & Lexi Brockbank, 17 Mar 2010 08:23 GMT

Luke and Macca - little dot the end is in sight, you are flying guys, lots of love and keep up the amazing work x sue x
sue, 17 Mar 2010 08:19 GMT

Hey Pete
Hang ing there, the miles are getting min. With you all the way.
Love to all.
Dennis Donnelly, 17 Mar 2010 07:26 GMT


PABLO1, 17 Mar 2010 02:54 GMT

Mike & Simon - Pendovey Swift....

Fantastic effort guys keep it going, not long now -keep an eye on that horizon.
Just picture Nigel B on Singleton Lake, fantastic.
Best Wishes

Arwel Hughes , 17 Mar 2010 00:00 GMT

Pendovey Swift … You are an inspiration!! Just goes to show what a diet of raw fish can do (yuk). Only 5 crews in front of you now … c’mon, ROW - not far now! Best wishes xx

Sooty, 16 Mar 2010 23:58 GMT

Halycon...Hang in there. You are doing great. The FINISH is in sight.
Ernie M, 16 Mar 2010 23:42 GMT

Mick and Lia ,
Nearly there , congratulations.
I'm sure you can eat pretty much anything for a couple of days , if it gets you to the finish safe .
Keep going.
Colin Pope, 16 Mar 2010 23:31 GMT

Simon and Mike - Pendovey Swift

Well boys nearly there, I see the thoughts of the beach in Antigua must be spurring you on. All this work should see you ok for your CPD payment this year.

Keep up the effort, best wishes

Dave Price
Dave, 16 Mar 2010 23:23 GMT

mission atlantic girls - you're sooo close!
just keep thinking about the celebration (and amazing sleep) that you're going to have when you get to antigua.
sarah - love you squillions xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
claire butler, 16 Mar 2010 22:55 GMT

hI Reason Why
My name is Jessica Blatter i am 10 . I am a student at a school in Antigua, My whole class got a boat to follow.(I got Reason Why) I have been following your progress for a while.. I hope to meet you when you finish.
Good luck -have a good rest of the week, keep strong - you're so nearly there! We are thinking of you, The Blatter family
Jessica Blatter, 16 Mar 2010 22:55 GMT

Beech Boys
Congratulations on passing the 500 nm mark. I'm sure the jelly babies tasted good. please pass on our congratulations too to Joe and Bubbles for their big announcement. Time to shop for a new hat. Always good to have a family wedding. I trust that we'll get an invite!! Im hoping that the wind direction will be going more in your favour from Thurs onwards. The winds we see here for Wednesday dont look so hotly in your favour but hopefully the forecast is wrong. The winds look strongly in your favour from Thurs and over the weekend. Lets hope those ones are correct. Love & prayers. xxxx
The Murrays (Coleraine), 16 Mar 2010 22:52 GMT

J'ai suivi presque chaque soir votre avancée, et j'ai lâché juste trois jours...durant lesquels vous avez touché terre! Je m'en veux vous étiez tout prêt la dernière fois que je vous ai vues sur la carte! je suis ésolée de ne pas avoir vu votre arrivée en temps et heure, pardonnez moi! Je vous félicite de tout coeur et je vous adresse mes plus amicales et admiratives pensées! vivent les Rame-Dames
Martine ROY
Martine ROY, 16 Mar 2010 22:52 GMT

Chris and Joe,
Many congrats. What a fabulous achievement. Always knew you could do it. Enjoy the rest and look forward to seeing you at home.
Best wishes
The Selway family.
Samantha Selway, 16 Mar 2010 22:33 GMT

Hi Beech Boys!

We've just caught up with you... Fantastic to see the satellite map with your little dot on it, and less than 500 miles to go now! God speed!! We'll be watching your progress keenly from now on.
Richard and Margaret Cocks, 16 Mar 2010 22:33 GMT

annie mel. the UK winter has been prolonged. when you return home triumphantly and look at all the late crocus and daffodills they have been waiting just for you and the other teams to complete what must be one of the toughest if not the toughest race todate.well done pete
bristol balloon pete, 16 Mar 2010 22:02 GMT

go Team Explore - the end is in sight. you're doing really well so keep it up girls. All the staff at the Farnborough office are thinking of you and saying a little prayer to keep your spirits high. x
Kate, 16 Mar 2010 21:35 GMT

To HCL Workforce 1. CONGRATULATIONS on finishing guys, awesome achievement. John & Tricia Ketchell (James mum & dad (speedo)
john&tricia ketcxhell, 16 Mar 2010 21:32 GMT

To HCL Workforce 1. CONGRATULATIONS on finishing guys, awesome achievement. John & Tricia Ketchell (James mum & dad (speedo)
john&tricia ketcxhell, 16 Mar 2010 21:32 GMT

spirit of montanaro
hi, lads well done on progress really great to see how close you are getting to the end now. i admire you both as well as all other crews congrats to you all final burst over next few days will see you there keep up the great work all the best paul
paul.collins, 16 Mar 2010 21:18 GMT

Ocean summit come on chaps
that old rioja is getting older
need to push
alan nordberg GWW, 16 Mar 2010 21:14 GMT

Phil and Shippy Vision od Cornwall

Is satisfaction dominating on Vision of Cornwall, for these last days rowing?

Satisfaction is graved on land for sure, yet!

I wish you both a lot of pleasure rowing more to Antigua.

Dont forget to help the two panthers rowing on Vision of Cornwall, as you acheived already.

Jean-Noël, 16 Mar 2010 21:14 GMT

You are almost there! Hopefully both the current and wind are now with you. Keep it up!

Kristin & the team here at BMO.
Kristin Hansen, 16 Mar 2010 21:13 GMT

KEVIN N, 16 Mar 2010 20:38 GMT

Vision Of Cornwall

Hi Skippy And Phil
Great to see you have moved up into ninth place.Hope the weather stays good for you, its fantastic what you have done,. not far now keep up the good work stay safe.Uncle Bill And Auntie kath x
kathy cummings, 16 Mar 2010 20:29 GMT

Hi Annie and Mel on Explore! Time for the final push now girls! Not far to the finish line, and the guys on Pendovey Swift only six miles ahead... Come on now, don't let those two firemen get away with it! They'll probably have organised a fire-boat with water-jets to welcome them US-style into British Harbour! Lots of Love Katie and Renaud. XX XX
Renaud and Katie, 16 Mar 2010 20:26 GMT

Vision of Cornwall
Wow boys! up to 9th place today. Great news as you approach the end. Not long now! Superb effort. Keep it going. x
Jill Chidg, 16 Mar 2010 20:19 GMT

Vision of Cornwall - not too long to go now.Keep your strength and your will power up. You are doing brilliantly. Thinking of you every day. Love and hugs. Helen xxx
Helen Mildren, 16 Mar 2010 20:08 GMT

Pendovey Swift
Amazing couple of days lads, 5 more like that and you are home and dry. There are also a couple more places up for grabs if you can keep this up. Superb stuff.

Cobb, 16 Mar 2010 19:59 GMT

Dream Maker It is soo good to see you in double figures! Keep going nearly there. Think proper food! Think loo roll! Think a nights sleep!Thankyou both for great blogs we will miss red dot watching but will continue to cheer on the rest. Love to Vicky and the children too when you get there. take care Netty
Annette & Adrian Parker, 16 Mar 2010 19:59 GMT

Dominic on Limited Intelligence - at this rate your going to be there before Pam and the kids ! May need to back peddle a bit til they get there
Moira, 16 Mar 2010 19:56 GMT

Hi Joe and Chris, Fantastic - youv'e got there and you got 7th. !!!!
I guess by now you are just recovering your land legs after all that time at sea and having a few beers and enjoying lazing around for a few hours.
Absolutely great, what an escapade to look back on - all the best - Paul and Carole
Paul Joslin, 16 Mar 2010 19:54 GMT

Well done mike and si its all down
hill from here, did you know the best cure for sea sickness is 15 minutes laying under an oak tree.
See you soon at Langland cafe Mike.
Frank palmer, 16 Mar 2010 19:45 GMT

So pleased the end is in sight. Go Pendovey Swift!!!
Alison, 16 Mar 2010 19:37 GMT

Hi Sean, good to see your progress, doing great, how's the tan? Wishing you the best, keep on moving.
Arthur O'Brien, 16 Mar 2010 19:35 GMT

Mac and Luke (JCT boys)....I've got terrible wind this evening and am pointing it in your direction...if this doesn't get the trade winds firing, nothing will!
Keep it ticking boys
Ally Canaway, 16 Mar 2010 19:29 GMT

Beach Boys

Bang on 500 miles to go at the one o'clock position update on the progress map! That was neat. I hope you saw the next services 500miles sign.The next one you should see soon is the "Welcome to Antigua. You are now entering Viv. Richards country". You are doing so well, keep it up!

Nick Carleen & Tom
Nick Osborne, 16 Mar 2010 19:21 GMT

Eating in your honour Beech Boys! Well done 500. Mim and Pete
Mim Kitts, 16 Mar 2010 18:02 GMT

Whoopa Wahey Norman and James!!Congratulations on reaching 500 miles to go. Hope the jelly babies and hot chocolate tasted good!!

The Hodgsons
Katie Hodgson, 16 Mar 2010 17:03 GMT

Nick, Johnny & Patience

The very, very best congratulations on your superb success. We've been following your progress & send our love to you both. Can't wait to buy you a pint & a prawn!

Alan & Jean, 16 Mar 2010 16:50 GMT

Chris and Joe - absolutely brilliant! Cogratulations on your fantastic row. Now, enjoy Antigua! Jane and Mike
Jane and Mike Bollam, 16 Mar 2010 16:33 GMT

Delighted to see your progress Sean & Tess. You're fast becoming a household name over here, and we will all toast your good health tomorrow on St Patricks DaY. Best wishes from all in Killaloe.. Slan go foill.
Brendan Murray, 16 Mar 2010 16:29 GMT

Norman and James - Last 500 then! That's 30 and 3 x 10 strokes for us (sorry - metres that is!) We have just consumed a fruit pastille each in the absence of jelly babbies!! (sic!) Technical coach suggests it may be time to raise the rate(strokes per minute) by a couple of pips - for the next 10 - 15 days and then step up to the line over the last 3!! Seriously boys - ignore all that! Keep doin what you're doing - all looks good from here! Hope celebrations on board went well! All the best, Vicky and Janet
Vicky and Janet, 16 Mar 2010 16:21 GMT

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