congratulations Sean, a fantastic achievement. John/Ursula Delaney. john delaney Désolé nous ne parlons pas Anglais, mais "congratulations" pour votre exploit et contents d'avoir été vos voisins a La Gomera début décembre 2009 Philippe et Francine de NACOUDA a la GOMERA Well done Sean, what determination you had on completeing yor nightmareish journey,it was a great pleasure in meeting you in Antigua and hearing about your battle across the Atlantic what a brave and courageous man you are also a credit to your Family.... All the best Bridget & Kevin Bridget & Kevin Pearce So delighted that you made it safely. Huge congrats....well done. You'll be wibbly-wobbly on land for a week! Sean and Aideen Killaloe Hello Sean, Just to say many congratulations on your achievement. I was there to witness your arrival, as I'd been sailing in ARW. It was an emotional moment for all those witnessing your arrival and I don't even know you! Congratulations again....amazing. Johanna Shaun, you really are a man of steel. Lookin forward to catching you at the prize giving. Tremendous! mike arnold Sean Job well done.!!!!Have enjoyed following your progress and monumental achievement. Good luck. Ian McGlade Congratulations Sean, a job well done.We are in awe at all the rowers achievements.Congratulations to you all.Also admiration of everyone involved on the organising teams.You all did an amazing job, with every competitor arriving safely. Brian King Cardiff Yacht Club,S. Wales. Brian King What an epic journey! It was a pleasure to meet you in La Gomera and I have watched you all the way. Well done Liz Scott (mighty bouche's Mum Liz Scott Comhgairdeas Sean, An maith go Deo. An gaisce deanta agat. Taimid an bhródúil gur as luimneach a Thainig Tu. go maireadh tu i bhfad. Frank Dennison Frank Dennison Abbeyfeale


Pour les Rames Dames... Vive les Nanas !!!! Vous êtes des superwomen !!!!!!! Nos héroÏnes !!!!!!
On vous embrasse très fort !!!!
Régis et Béa Kaeppelin, 08 Mar 2010 09:57 GMT

Hello Stormin and James!
750 to go, well done! we have just been away for the weekend and it's great to see your green dot again and see how you are getting on. keep going guys! will get the jelly babies in to celebrate the 500 mark with you :) Lots of love xx

Mark, Rach, Tom, Matt and Dan, 08 Mar 2010 09:43 GMT

Come on Deano, your getting to the business end and theres a solo rower not far in front, and them firefighters from Wales must have sheep on their minds as they are putting on a spurt,40 odd miles in front. good luck and keep it going Steve
Steve, Leeds, 08 Mar 2010 09:20 GMT

We admire you!
The whole FORTIS team
Liese-Lotte Peter, 08 Mar 2010 09:13 GMT

Chère Laurence,

joyeuse annivaersaire de toute l'equipe Noble- tu es presque là! Le champagne est au frais, j'espère au moins...
Marcus, 08 Mar 2010 09:09 GMT

Good to see the endorsement last week for June's cooking. Keep rowing you're nearly there!, we hear reports through June when we forget to check the website. Irving and Jill (neighbours of June)
irving and Jill, 08 Mar 2010 08:53 GMT

à e&h de Rancourt: votre comité de soutien est en tête sur ce site pour les encouragements! Et en ce 8 mars il semble que les vents aient aussi choisi le camp féministe. MESSAGE A CEUX QUI SONT A ANTIGUA: embrassez pour nous (les frustrés coincés en France) nos héros de Karukera, et félicitez chaudement les 4 drôles de dames
laurence de ste foy les lyon, 08 Mar 2010 08:51 GMT

bon anniversaire Laurence. Nous t'embrassons.

Bon courage à toutes pour les dernières heures.

Viviane et Guy
Viviane et Guy Gatel, 08 Mar 2010 08:46 GMT

allez les filles
en avant la musique
LA BARIANNE, 08 Mar 2010 08:38 GMT

Pour pof de Vivaldi
Un grand merci pour l'aide à terre de Vivaldi. Quelle déception de voir que pour toi, Olivier, tu t'es oublié dans cette logistique et tu n'accueilles pas les françaises sur la ligne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Merci pour ton travail et tes précieux conseils. J'espère que tu auras une fête toute particulière de la part de nos chères petites françaises...
e&h de Rancourt
e&h de Rancourt, 08 Mar 2010 08:33 GMT

Annie and Mel Keep on rowing you Atlantic Stars. Under 550nms to go now! GO! GIRLS GO!
MIKE, 08 Mar 2010 08:32 GMT


Vive Vivaldi !
C'est bientôt fini les filles.

Catherine de Briançon, 08 Mar 2010 08:30 GMT

Vision of Cornwall.
Hey boys, the miles seem to be dropping off now. Hope to get tinternet back some time this week so will be able to monitor your homecoming on a regular basis. Off for another week of children at their best!!! Keep up the pulling, hope to see you before too long now.X
Jill Chidg, 08 Mar 2010 08:10 GMT


Fantastic progress, well done to our East London Super Hero. Keep up the good work. Sooooooo proud of you

Marion, 08 Mar 2010 08:02 GMT

Vivaldi Rames Dames
Grandiose anniversaire pour toi Laurence. Fetez-le dignement mais sans vous demunir pour autant.
Profitez pleinement de ces derniers moments exceptionnels avant de retrouver la fureur du monde.
Jusqu'à présent nous comptions en jours, maintenant nous sommes passés aux heures et à deux unités.
Adelante chicas.Bzzz enthousiastes

michel, 08 Mar 2010 07:57 GMT

34 nm

CARL,CAPE TOWN, 08 Mar 2010 05:11 GMT

A great achievement Joe and Chris. Well done and happy landings and homecoming. See you in May. Australia salutes you!
sheila white, 08 Mar 2010 04:46 GMT

Keep going Beech Boys. Not much further now. Miles keep coming down every time I log on to check your progress. Well done.
BJ Allatt, 08 Mar 2010 01:41 GMT

Hi Annie and Mel on Explore! Well, it seems you have your own private pairs race going on with Simon and Mike, the Firemen on Pendovey Swift, who are now only five miles ahead of you! They're being egged on by friends who say they'll never be able to live it down in the Fire Service if they're beaten by a pair of "girls"!!! So go for it, why not! Show 'em what you're made of! And make their faces as red as their Fire Engine!!! Love, Renaud and Katie XX. P.S: Well done, Ollie and James! Result!
Renaud and Katie, 08 Mar 2010 00:37 GMT

Come on Ben and Phil Stick with it your doing great , nearly there Vision of Cornwall..

Sam,Riac Fin Otis, 08 Mar 2010 00:32 GMT

For Mac and Luke, awesome effort guys, hope you get favourable winds and flat seas for the rest of the journey! Keep it ticking!
Ally C, 07 Mar 2010 23:59 GMT

annie mel. the three boats ahead of you can be caught, it looks like you perform better at night. so step up the day shift and you will overtake them. love pete.
bristol balloon pete, 07 Mar 2010 23:11 GMT

Olli & James of QBE
There is very little we can add to what has already been said, It is such a wonderful achievement and we are so proud to have been associated in a small way.
Olli, Sue and Eddie your mum and dad must be thrilled and relieved it is all the over. Enjoy the celebrations, you have earned them.
Best wishes Colin & Deanna
Colin & Deanna - Oulton Broad, 07 Mar 2010 22:40 GMT

Mick & Lia
Nearly there guys. What an achievement! Enjoy your last few days. Mick- we're all training naked now on Tuesdays & Thursdays!!
luv Brian
Brian & Helen, 07 Mar 2010 21:48 GMT

For Tom & Will - Heritage Explorer.
Come on Boys - you're nearly there!! We're counting down the days, and we are sure you are too!!
Lots of love xxx
Rachel & Paul, 07 Mar 2010 21:20 GMT

Bravo Vivaldi. J'ai suivi la traversée 4 fois par jour, c'est super impressionnant ce petit point qui avance sur l'Atlantique. Je suis en admiration pour votre magnifique parcours et j'imagine les ressources que cela demande. Encore Félicitations à toi Laurence de R et à tes copines. Bravo à Karukéra et puis aussi aux autres concurrents qui suivent et qui devront encore avoir du courage dans les prochains jour
Papa de Caroline d'Aurillac, 07 Mar 2010 21:15 GMT

Comité de soutien de Vivaldi
au Comité de soutien de Karukera
C'est quoi cette dernière stratégie de Karukera? Ils ne vont plus avoir beaucoup de temps pour courir acheter le champagne pour leurs poursuivantes.
e&h de Rancourt
e&h de Rancourt, 07 Mar 2010 20:41 GMT

Demain je pars 8 jours, je ne serai pas là pour embrasser Lolo et sa bande à l'arrivée. Dommage !... Détendues et régulières, jusqu'au bout ! Sans oublier le 1/4 h minimum pour rigoler. Et une reprise "sur la terre" en douceur, avec des petits projets-carottes pour atterrir ! Olivier
pof, 07 Mar 2010 20:23 GMT

to vivaldi
allez Laurence, encore 2, 3 4 coups de rames maximum et c'est la fin!
maximum respect sister! c'est total flex ce que tu/vous faites!
gros bisoux et à bientôt avec des gros bras musclés et des mains de dinosaure!

Antoine de Rancourt, 07 Mar 2010 20:17 GMT

hi norman, james, keep going lads your doing really well, praying for you, not far now, take care ,god bless.. from the ruskin ave, posse.....keep chilled....
guy, gill, olivia pickup, 07 Mar 2010 20:15 GMT

Limited intelligence

Dear Dominic,
You guys are all awesome in this rac and so close to ompleting this marathon.

Dont get too excited and now you are down to the last 500 miles try to walk the remainder.

You may well be looking like JC by this time and feeling invincible but its a long way down.
william Ferguson, 07 Mar 2010 19:51 GMT

Pendowey Swift

Come on boys. You're being tailed by Explore! You know you'll never live it down in the Fire Service (let alone with Jay & Si) if you're beaten by the girls team! Row harder if you want to keep that 16th place!
Sa, Si, Liv x
Sara, Simon & Livvi Bickel, 07 Mar 2010 19:45 GMT

Vivaldi, les Saisons...quelle belle manière de finir bientôt l'hiver, avant de saluer l'arrivée du printemps à terre...Nul doute que vous aurez vous même traversé les 4 saisons durant votre périple, nous avons hâte que vous nous le racontiez avec des mots, des sensations fortes.... encore quelques jolis coups de rames, chères dames....amitiés Ch.
Christine A, 07 Mar 2010 19:32 GMT

Beech Boys Hi guys,
We go away for a weekend and you make ground (or sea) amazingly. It really is the down hill stretch. We were at CMC for a board meeting. We must go away again to help your performance. Well done both. James try to keep your dad going!!! S & C
Stephen & Cindy, 07 Mar 2010 19:29 GMT

Hi Vivaldi
Happy Birthday my Bichette tout près du but. Hervé, Colette et Marie-Françoise se joignent à moi et nous te souhaitons un très bon Anniversaire. Nous T'attendrons pour le champagne.
paule Grand-Clement, 07 Mar 2010 19:25 GMT

Skippy and Phil,
Wow, computer broken haven't looked at progress for ages. You're so nearly there!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you and hear all about it
gorvins, 07 Mar 2010 19:14 GMT

Hi girls - we are following Explore - fantastic nearly there now. Lots of love Val and Rick Jones
Val and Rick Jones, 07 Mar 2010 19:04 GMT

Vision Of Cornwall
Hi Skippy And Phil your doing really well. keep it up not that far to go now,row ,row,row,go,go,go.following you every day,good luck keep safe.Uncle Bill And Auntie Kath.xx

kathy cummings, 07 Mar 2010 18:16 GMT

annie mel explore.great fantastic 2000 miles covered you are just outrowing pendovey/nofear/mission atlantic 4s. but only by half a mile in last 24hrs. they are just ahead of you. with some exraordinary effort you will pass them as they are males. go for it. love pete.
bristol balloon pete., 07 Mar 2010 17:39 GMT

Nick and Jonathon, on Patience No 47.You are doing brilliantly at the moment, third place is still within your grasp. Only 30 miles behind the pair in front.A final effort over the next couple of days should do it.Good Luck over these next couple of days. B. King and all at C.Y.C..
Brian King, 07 Mar 2010 17:26 GMT

Simon&Mike (Pendovey Swift)
Well done both you are doing really well,long awaiting rest when you both return,
We have been tuning in every wednesday keeping up with your progress,not long
take care Debbie,simon&emma
debbie,simon,emma lacey, 07 Mar 2010 17:14 GMT

Viva Vivaldi !
Plus que quelques jours et la fantastique épopée sera terminée.
Karukera touche au but suivi de près par vous quatre les petites Françaises ! Profitez bien de ces derniers instants ensemble. Vous êtes en train de vous tricoter des souvenirs pour vos vieux jours.
Quant à nous nous allons nous ennuyer quand vous serez arrivées !
Plus de consultations de votre course trois fois par jour, le coeur battant pour suivre votre parcours.
Allez vous touchez au but !
Encore merci pour toutes ces émotions.
Je vous embrasse toutes les 4 très fort.

LEGRAND Thérèze, 07 Mar 2010 16:36 GMT

Beech Boys, you're doing great, watching progress every day, glad you're both still in such good spirits, Godspeed. Mim & Pete
Mim Kitts, 07 Mar 2010 16:34 GMT

Howzit Pete,just eeeeasing that 100nm buffer,hey Boet !!!Your progress is a perfect example of your input,mentally and physically.You are constantly in our thoughts and prayer.Just clap it !!!Godspeed mate !
Peter and Carlotta, 07 Mar 2010 16:19 GMT

c'est pas bientot fini ces histoires de vent? Avant cette course pour moi le vent il soufflait, et puis c'est tout, .. m'en fichait bien de savoir comment! Comment on fait pour le faire aller dans le bon sens? Oh! la haut! tu peux pas faire quelquechose pour karukera d'abord, et après pour les autres?????
laurence de ste foy les lyon, 07 Mar 2010 15:59 GMT

Beech Boys!
We were very excited to see our names in the 'Toot of praise' in your
last blog - Thanks you!
Excellent to see the miles are whizzing down now - keep digging in especially during the tough times.
Keep smiling!
Jude and Doug xx
Jude and Doug, 07 Mar 2010 15:45 GMT

yo skippy, phil........hows your beards? soooo close now eh? can't wait to see you guys for some cornish revellery ...............finish this in style boys, the flags are a flying, bring her on home! xxx
emma, 07 Mar 2010 15:30 GMT

Vivaldi, et Karukera
Que cette arrivée parait exténuante et exaltante!
Enjoy the moment plenty of tales to tell this summer (comme le disent Ann & David PKs dans leur message.)
Congratulations to all crews, and thanks to organisation people on earth
Salut à Pof
Jean de Rancourt, 07 Mar 2010 14:50 GMT

Vivaldi. Tous nos encouragements aux rameuses. Il reste encore une place sur le podium à prendre! Nous vous embrassons Gilles et Sabine
Gilles & Sabine Cadart, 07 Mar 2010 14:21 GMT


Magnifique !
L'arrivée arrive, c'est bientôt fini !
Magnifique, les filles !
catherine de Briançon, 07 Mar 2010 13:54 GMT

WELL DONE James and Olie.What an achievement.
Norwich School wil be proud of you.
judy underwood, 07 Mar 2010 13:45 GMT

sending you good currents and waves from down under along with a lovely cold beer - from your aunt in Perth WA - to Luke Grose and co. on Yorkshire Challenger
from Yvette and family 7/3/10
yvette weaver, 07 Mar 2010 13:17 GMT

Hi Joe and Chris,
Nearly there, no easing off, you are in the running for a good position. Ruth and Phill will have a good hoiday topped off by your safe arrival and success.

Love from Marion and Andy

Marion White, 07 Mar 2010 13:04 GMT

Dernière ligne droite les filles. Souquez ferme. Vous appelle demain et on se voit à l'X (ai reçu l'invitation). France is proud of you.
Patrick FILLEUX, 07 Mar 2010 10:59 GMT

Hey Leo,

You're doing great! Keep up the wonderful work! Push through! 44 nm yesterday is awesome!!!!

See you soon!
Renee & Paul, 07 Mar 2010 10:28 GMT

Amazing achievement. so many congratulations. Moment you hit the beach will be epic. Off to Bali.
Love to all family. Nell.
Nell Mowbray, 07 Mar 2010 10:17 GMT

Hi Spirit of MA, drove to Plymouth yesterday and passed Ivybridge and thought of you, so we popped to the Hoe , looked hard but could not see you, kep safe and you are doing great. Neal and Iris Moss
neal moss, 07 Mar 2010 09:24 GMT

Allez Les Rames Dames l'arrivée c'est pour bientôt et la fête est toute proche .Quel parcours stupéfiant!!!! Bravo.
Cathy de Bruges .
Cathy Bruges., 07 Mar 2010 08:43 GMT

Hi Annie and Mel on Explore! Only a few miles to go now! You are twenty miles north of Pendovey Swift, but virtually neck and neck. Some miles back you must have "crossed courses"... did you bump into them in the night??? Don't worry about position - it must be all those Sainsbury's bags hooked on the new barnacles that are slowing you down! Keep up the fantastic work! Love to both, Renaud and Katie XX.
Renaud and Katie, 07 Mar 2010 08:10 GMT

Well done to the both of you, not fair to the end, keep up the good work and take care xoxox
Samantha Hinchliffe, 07 Mar 2010 07:24 GMT

Fantastic Yorkshire Challenger you are making us all sooo proud keep paddling! x sue x
sue, 07 Mar 2010 07:19 GMT

Watching your progress daily, so exciting. Less that 200 miles to go! Keep it up, you're brilliant!
Sheila Parker-Brown, 07 Mar 2010 07:08 GMT

Tracking your progress. Very impressive, you girls rock!
Karen Scott-Liron, 07 Mar 2010 02:43 GMT

I just met your brother-in-law today at the Snow Row in Hull and wanted to pass on well wishes and good thoughts. It is great what you are doing and hope that you are having the time of your life out there! Be safe, row strong, and above all enjoy!
Anne-Marie, 07 Mar 2010 01:29 GMT

Hi. Phil and Skippy,
Bit late tonight, Bernard is 60 tomorrow had Punch & Judy today for 6 grandkids, 12 hour party toorrow for friends and family wish you were here, you are doing so well. See you soon.
Love Ali & Bernard xx
Bernard & Ali, 06 Mar 2010 23:52 GMT

annie mel . you broken the 600 mile barrier pendovey swift are now just infront of you. keep on putting the effort in. one of the other teams had support from a school the children they rowed from 9.30am to 3.30 pm contantly. i hope this will inspire you to greater things. there must be half the UK doing rowathons which is pete
bristol balloon pete, 06 Mar 2010 23:19 GMT

Si and Mike Pendovey Swift

Hi Guys fab to see you are less than 600 miles to go, you are really rocking along now to the finish line and it won't be long until your lying on a beach enjoy some family time! Keep on going!!!

"Will you look back on life and say, "I wish I had," or "I'm glad I did"?"...............I know what you will be saying!!!!

Well done and keep going.

Keep Safe, Keep smiling and Keep going

Nic, Spud and Girls, 06 Mar 2010 22:54 GMT

Hi Dominic and pals keep going you are doing so well with only the 3 of you now. Hope the smash and peanuts are still going down ok!!
emma wheeler, 06 Mar 2010 22:13 GMT

Very Many Congratulations to you
Ollie & James on your fantastic
performance, Sub 60, and for
winning the Pairs! True Grit.
Hope to see you in the Lord Nelson,
Southwold to celebrate sometime
soon! Love, Peter & Julie (Rye)
Peter Rye, 06 Mar 2010 21:30 GMT

Arr.. Team heatwave!!
Come on fellas you are making fantastic progress..just a couple miles and u there...Been reading ur blogs...Deano...on time when u change over...come on now..he's always late up the watchroom!!!!
Be Jo xxx
jo fox, 06 Mar 2010 21:23 GMT

Hi Auntie Annie and Mel
can't believe you're still going strong. Won't be long until you finish. Will see you soon lots of love Heidi and mummy xx
sue & heidi, 06 Mar 2010 21:10 GMT

Bravo Vivaldi, c'est la Mer que j'aurais dû vous jouer pour le mariage de Quitterie.
Souquez ferme!
Quitterie, j'ai mis ta mère dans le train, les mouchoirs sont prévus pour ton retour sur le plancher des vaches.
Super bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big bisous


Elisabeth et ses parents
elisabeth fournier et ses parents, 06 Mar 2010 20:22 GMT

Hi Alexander and Luke, keep digging deep and start visualising your joyous reunion with your parents!! As you can imagine Alex your mum has been busy planning her 'Antigua' beach wear and your dad has had a new hair cut! So keep up the fantastic progress - love you lots Auntie Susan, Mac, Grace and Sarah XXX
Susan, 06 Mar 2010 20:21 GMT

Allez Karukera c'est l'accélération pour finir en beauté ,
Traversée Très Réussie.
Allez Vivaldi , pour un grand concert
à l'arrivée
Marc LAMY, 06 Mar 2010 20:18 GMT

Aller les Françaises, aller VIVALDI, courrage, vous êtes formidables
Christian de Grenoble, 06 Mar 2010 20:15 GMT

Aller KARUKERA toute votre energie pour faire une superbe arrivée. On est avec vous, encore et encore. Mois de 75 miles, 70, 65, ... ramez, ramez,...formidable
Christian de Grenoble, 06 Mar 2010 20:03 GMT

Congratulations to QBE, you 've made a brilliant race. You have been so strong on bad weather conditions and I think you've done the shortest way to Antigua. so good startegy good stamina, congratulations!
Christian de Grenoble, 06 Mar 2010 19:58 GMT

Sean (Team Tess)

just checking your progress - well done my friend - keep it up and be safe out there

Kind Regards
tim cranley, 06 Mar 2010 19:16 GMT

Well done Charlie and Matthew on Roberto Coin! Have been following you thro'out and you've done brilliantly. Keep up the good work - the end is in sight! Jenny Pitcher.
Jenny Pitcher, 06 Mar 2010 19:05 GMT

Yo Phil and Skippy, keep going strong guys, 470nm to go, hopefully you'll be back on dry land before Charlie's birthday, so you can enjoy a pint of guiness on St Pat's day, weather and tides permitting! We're all thinking of you, doing a grand job. Keep your spirits up.
Reynolds Clan, 06 Mar 2010 18:52 GMT

Beech Boys
You are doing brilliantly, keep up th good work. Saw you had very few messages during the last few so thought i would send you another. Sorry to hear about your problems, health, tiredness and waves in cabins. Hope you are feeling better. Don't forget to drink plenty of water with it being so hot. We still have snow on the tops and ice on the tarns! Loved your discription of life on board.
love from all the Shepherds, Kay
Kay Shepherd, 06 Mar 2010 18:36 GMT

simon and Mike - Pendovey swift
be very afraid boys - you ARE bradshaw's hobby!!!
teresa Bradshaw, 06 Mar 2010 17:54 GMT

Dominic on Limited Intelligence. Not far to go now, keep up the good work, you have all done so well. See you soon, Moira
Moira Aitken, 06 Mar 2010 17:52 GMT

Vision of Cornwall
Not far to go now, hope the weather & currents will help & row, row, row for all you're worth. Fight the tiredness & go for it.
Really proud of you.
love Dad & Heather xx
Dad & Heather, 06 Mar 2010 17:23 GMT

Congratulations QBE, done in under the 60 days and the 1st pairs.
Vision of Cornwall supporters
Barrie & Heather
Barrie & Heather Cummings, 06 Mar 2010 17:18 GMT

Hi Joe and Chris HCL WF 1

Excxellent 24hrs 1.85 speed and 305 away. you've put distance to red arrow at 319
A joyful welcome awaits you in Antigua very very soon now.

Fly those last 300 guys- go fot it!
Love, Kim
Kim, 06 Mar 2010 17:06 GMT

Brillantissime Vivaldi ! Foncez ! foncez ! Je souffle fort dans votre dos
et je reste devant mon ordi pour les photos de votre arrivée. J'y serai ! Je vous embrasse.
Elisabeth de Rancourt
elisabeth de rancourt, 06 Mar 2010 16:56 GMT

Alors, Vivaldi, vous en êtes à combien de messages ? Autant que de miles parcourus ? Bravo, la bande à Lolo ! I wish you a very nice finish. Olivier
pof, 06 Mar 2010 16:52 GMT

Keep going Rob!! Thanks for your phonecall. Hope you are doing OK. Enjoy the celebrations if you have finished already! X
Kat Barney and Zach, 06 Mar 2010 16:27 GMT

The website of Karukera :
You can read it in english
agnes carlevan, 06 Mar 2010 15:53 GMT

Come on Roo only a few more miles to go. You're looking fine and still in a good position. What party when you get there ! A pint in the Red Lion awaits you.....
Best of luck from all in Lillian Road,

Jeremy Roberts, 06 Mar 2010 15:33 GMT

Décomptez vous les coups de rame restant d'ici l'arrivée ?
Courage les derniers sont souvent les plus durs...
Mais l'odeur de l'écurie, fait cavalergardez votre mordant jusqu'au bout
Pierre de Lyon
Pierre de Lyon, 06 Mar 2010 15:29 GMT

QBE Insurance Challenger. Wow! Olli and James, you did it! Knew you would. It's a truly awe-inspiring achievement and we're so thrilled for you. Now you both deserve a well-earned rest, so enjoy all that Antigua has to offer. Lots of love and congratulations from all of us- Andree and Richard, Elly, Miranda and James.
Andree Gee, 06 Mar 2010 14:37 GMT

KEVIN N, 06 Mar 2010 14:24 GMT

You are doing brilliantly! Watching your progress continually.
Sending you both hugs
love Al & Luce xx
Alice & Luce Newman, 06 Mar 2010 14:10 GMT

Et bien les falloir sérieusement penser à ralentir sinon à cette vitesse là vous allez attaquer la cote...
Profitez de ces derniers jours....exceptionnels....
Daniel, 06 Mar 2010 14:08 GMT

Beech Boys.
Fantastic! under the 800 miles to go now. Wonderful! You'll be there in no time. Christine will be hugging you both on the pier in a very short time. Keep up the good work. Love & prayers. xxxx
The Murrays (Coleraine), 06 Mar 2010 14:02 GMT

Hey Leo,
Wow, 44 miles yesterday. You're catching up to the pairs. "Awesome", as Nick says.
I heard you on WBZ Radio yesterday.It was a wonderful interview. It sounds like you have been doing a lot of soul searching. I'm sure this experience will have quite an effect on you.
Well, keep rowing, and it's nice to know the birds have a place to rest at night on their journey.
Netta Vercollone, 06 Mar 2010 14:01 GMT

GO James GO Sam in HOTW.
For the second time running in the past week or so you have got the highest VMG and DMG and you've travelled the furthest in 24h.
erhaps you'll get a mention now in the News !!
Absolutely fantastic effort - well done

Pat, 06 Mar 2010 13:50 GMT

Vivaldi, la terre approche, gardez le cap et tenez bon, nous sommes avec vous et fiers de vous!
Votre comité de soutien est en route pour vous accueillir....
Keep rowing fast,
Dominique et Jean Letamendia
6 mars 2010

Dominique Letamendia, 06 Mar 2010 13:34 GMT

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