congratulations Sean, a fantastic achievement. John/Ursula Delaney. john delaney Désolé nous ne parlons pas Anglais, mais "congratulations" pour votre exploit et contents d'avoir été vos voisins a La Gomera début décembre 2009 Philippe et Francine de NACOUDA a la GOMERA Well done Sean, what determination you had on completeing yor nightmareish journey,it was a great pleasure in meeting you in Antigua and hearing about your battle across the Atlantic what a brave and courageous man you are also a credit to your Family.... All the best Bridget & Kevin Bridget & Kevin Pearce So delighted that you made it safely. Huge congrats....well done. You'll be wibbly-wobbly on land for a week! Sean and Aideen Killaloe Hello Sean, Just to say many congratulations on your achievement. I was there to witness your arrival, as I'd been sailing in ARW. It was an emotional moment for all those witnessing your arrival and I don't even know you! Congratulations again....amazing. Johanna Shaun, you really are a man of steel. Lookin forward to catching you at the prize giving. Tremendous! mike arnold Sean Job well done.!!!!Have enjoyed following your progress and monumental achievement. Good luck. Ian McGlade Congratulations Sean, a job well done.We are in awe at all the rowers achievements.Congratulations to you all.Also admiration of everyone involved on the organising teams.You all did an amazing job, with every competitor arriving safely. Brian King Cardiff Yacht Club,S. Wales. Brian King What an epic journey! It was a pleasure to meet you in La Gomera and I have watched you all the way. Well done Liz Scott (mighty bouche's Mum Liz Scott Comhgairdeas Sean, An maith go Deo. An gaisce deanta agat. Taimid an bhródúil gur as luimneach a Thainig Tu. go maireadh tu i bhfad. Frank Dennison Frank Dennison Abbeyfeale


Well done Pendovey Swift Cracking days rowing yesterday 69 miles, keep it up nearly home! Simon you must look like Robinson Crusoe hair and beard down you're back and chest. All the best Paul
Paul Jones(USAR), 04 Mar 2010 20:01 GMT

Super traversée...rythme d'enfer
Vous etes époustouflantes !!
Courage et intelligence de course....
Bonne fin de parcours.
Daniel, 04 Mar 2010 20:01 GMT

Tess, you dont know us but we are entered for 2011. have been following your progress. outstanding. keep going.we are all v v impressed. truly heroic. Bertie.
bertie portal, 04 Mar 2010 19:41 GMT

The Beech Boys.
We got the globe out last night and laid a ruler along your track. When viewed from the top (North I think geographers call it), It's definitely down hill now and getting steeper. In fact it looks so steep at the finish that you might have to deploy the sea anchor, like a dragster, so that you don't overshoot and hit Panama!
Keep up the pace, at this rate you'll be finished in time for your Easter eggs.

Nick, Carleen & Tom
Nick Osborne, 04 Mar 2010 19:34 GMT

What a great day Beech Boys are cruising along like the Gondola! Norman, James, two Hoots of Praise in a week for you! Today Binney and I showed our 80 new OAA students your progress, we're all willing you on and we'll see you back in Coniston in April. Keep catching the surf, great steering and navigation, sit tall, be proud! Janet x
Janet, 04 Mar 2010 19:11 GMT

Ocean 2 Summit

You were second fastest in the whole fleet over the last 24 hours. It looks like you have got the hang of this rowing thing at last. Keep going at this pace and you'll be finished within 10 days.
Good Luck.
Ian Mackay QC, 04 Mar 2010 18:41 GMT

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!!!!! Keep it up!
Tom, 04 Mar 2010 18:39 GMT

Paul on Reason Why - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - sorry we can't spend it with you- you know mum's aversion to the sea (!) so will celebrate when you're on dry land.
mum and dad, 04 Mar 2010 18:27 GMT


Vous avez eu des grosses vagues, nous avons eu des vents violents récemment. Devant ces phénomènes ont se sent petit.
Vivaldi du courage pour finir !
Vivaldi vous êtes des supers rameuses !
Catherine de Briançon, 04 Mar 2010 18:19 GMT

Ca rame mesdames! Derrière aussi d'ailleur, dans le peloton: y'a bagarre, mais ils sont tous trop loin pour vous inquiéter. Continuez aussi fort, vous nous transmettez plein de bonheur et de courage! Bises à toutes.
Rémy Gannat, 04 Mar 2010 18:03 GMT


Well done to you all.
One thing to think about. When you cross the finish line, you are actually a couple of miles from your actual destination, English harbour. When we finish in Ma all those years ago, they threw us a tow and towed us for 10ish minutes to the harbour entrance, and then we rowed the last 1/2 a mile in. I would have preferred to have rowed all the way from land to land without assistance.

In the rush at the finish you may not have time to discuss this, so it may be a conversation for now. Or perhaps you have already discussed it.

Keep up the good work, and best of luck to you all.

Paula Van Katwyk
Paula VK, 04 Mar 2010 18:00 GMT

Pendovey Swift … Brilliant progress yesterday! You’re really making up for lost time. Keep at it… not far now :-) Best wishes xx
Sooty, 04 Mar 2010 17:51 GMT

Hi Beech Boys,

By gum you are storming now!! A fifty miler plus day fantastic!! Keep going!! Hope the wrist is easing Norman.

The Hodgsons
The Hodgsons, 04 Mar 2010 17:43 GMT

Hi Neil & Dean,
You are doing great another great effort today,it must boost your moral when you have a big milage day.
Neil you should let Dean have a go at rowing instead of sunbathing all the time ha ha !! Keep safe.
Kev,Chris,Lauren & Liam

Kevin Heames, 04 Mar 2010 17:30 GMT

trop fort les vieux ;-)))
vivement une bonne pinthe ...
phil971, 04 Mar 2010 17:28 GMT

Boat 53: Ahoy there Team HCL, you're doing brilliantly but Chris I just saw your mum. She's on her way home to re-pack her bag as she's just realized her luggage allowance is 53kg. She's gone to get a bigger bag so she can squuze a load more stuff into it. You'd better get a move on, she's going to need some help at the airport! Keep going, you're so nearly there. Ailsa McM x (a cootham mum)
Ailsa McM, 04 Mar 2010 17:02 GMT

Well, Leo,
It is truly amazing that you're more than half way there. I've talked with so many people that are in awe of you. Keep it up and you'll be home in no time. Although it's not so great here. Right now it's snowing mixed with rain, cold and nasty. (Yuk)
Faye told us it was 105 where you're at, I don't think I would much like that either.
Mom is doing good, pretty much the same, and she's eating well.
Everyone here is fine and rooting for you all the way.
Stay safe and keep rowing.
Netta Vercollone, 04 Mar 2010 16:19 GMT

Go Pete,row !!!They say less than 100 enems behind,DONT let him reduce that !!!!You came,you saw,and you WILL conquer.Godspeed mate.
Peter and Carlotta, 04 Mar 2010 16:09 GMT

Rob, it doesn't say much about my character that I have the utmost respect for a daffy Britt. Think about your journey daily, e-mail seldomly. 3/4 of the way there. You are daffy but definitely an inspiration. Endure, all our best to you, Steve, Annie & Tanner.
Steve Bixler, 04 Mar 2010 15:05 GMT

I'm proud of you Ole Elmer , tracking your progress everyday
go man go
bill ryan, 04 Mar 2010 14:37 GMT

Patience No.47 Nick and Jonathon Excellent progress these last couple of days.Keep it up .Not long now before you see that very welcome sight of land. Third place could still be up for grabs.Stay safe and positive.Watching you all the way. Brian King and all at C.Y.C. GOOD LUCK.
Brian King, 04 Mar 2010 14:26 GMT

Macca, Luke-

Another top blog lads! Awsome progress.............keep it going!

JERVE, 04 Mar 2010 14:08 GMT

Beech Boys
Wonderful! Your best day's rowing yet! Great to see your energy is still tip top. All the prayers must be helping those knuckles Norman. Keep nudging them into the straightened position as much as you can tolerate. I really should head out to Antigua to give you some physio on your arrival!!! What an excuse to head to the sun! Love & Prayers xxxx
The Murrays (Coleraine), 04 Mar 2010 14:00 GMT

Luke and Mac
Keep the pressure on guys, counting down the miles xxx the sun is shining on paley green lane x lambing is about to start! x sue x

sue, 04 Mar 2010 13:50 GMT

Ocean 2 Summit

Keep up the good work chaps, not far now.

Everest will seem like a walk in the park after this!!

All at GWW
Edward Mercer, 04 Mar 2010 13:31 GMT


Magnifique performance. Pour nous qui sommes derriere nos ordinateurs cela nous laisse songeurs.

Francois n'oublie pas les petiits ramoneurs.

Eric Frechet, 04 Mar 2010 12:00 GMT

The Beech Boys Comet

Nearly 200 miles in the last 5 days and only 900 to go... now that's impressive - very ! Well done on continuing to tick off the various milestones and of course the further West you go, the younger you are... David
David Taylor, 04 Mar 2010 11:58 GMT

Pendovey Swift

fantastic progess boys, keep it up you are doing Wales and the Fire service proud.

see you when you get back for a beer


Steve McLinden, 04 Mar 2010 11:49 GMT

Pendovey swift - You did 69 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lisa Arnold, 04 Mar 2010 11:49 GMT

Hey Luke,

I hope these will be the last few quotes I post to you as this would mean that you are nearing the end of your journey....

I hope you king find both relevance and strength in these quotes to help you pass that finish line....

"Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there"

"Fall seven times, stand up eight"

Matt Emmett, 04 Mar 2010 11:27 GMT

Happy Birthday Paul!!

Love Carol, Mal, Dave, Helen & Baxter xx
Crol, Mal, David & Helen, 04 Mar 2010 11:10 GMT

Paul on 'Reason Why'

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL... 29 today!!!

Hope you have a good birthday at sea, thinking of you & missing you!

Lots of love, Natalie xXx
Natalie Powell, 04 Mar 2010 11:08 GMT

LIZ ASHLEY, 04 Mar 2010 10:49 GMT

Hey Pete
You're doing so well and are an inspiration to those of us who dream but don't ever put the plans into action to do better and I thank you for that.
Stay safe and strong
Lots of love
Louise Goddard, 04 Mar 2010 10:26 GMT


Hi Norman and James
hope you are doing well - nearly there!

from Jordan
LAZERZ Coniston Crusaders

Alan and Glenda Phillips, 04 Mar 2010 10:23 GMT

Benny Cummings and Phil
Spirit of Cornwall

Are you drinking your own pee yet? Don't, it's not scrumpy.
Not to touch the Earth, Not to touch the sun. All You have to do is Run Run Run. Let's Run!
Thorney and Lou, 04 Mar 2010 09:55 GMT

Beech Boys.
Wow! Fantastic rowing overnight. Congrats on reaching 900 miles to go! Winds and waves must be in your favour at the moment. Long may it continue. love &prayers xxxx
The Murrays(Coleraine), 04 Mar 2010 09:10 GMT

Beech Boys!!
So exciting!! Its getting closer!!!
Strength will rise as you wait upon the Lord!
Love you lots

A, S and M
Andrew, Sarah and MArissa, 04 Mar 2010 09:06 GMT

Croome & Back: Looks like you have a 40hr plus lead on the 3rd place boat so job's a good 'un. You might even smell the land before you see it if the wind is in the right direction..
D P , 04 Mar 2010 09:04 GMT

Happy Birthday Paul!! (The Reason Why) Hope you have a good days rowing! xx
Lucy, Andrew and George, 04 Mar 2010 08:58 GMT

Dream It, Do It.

WTG long now until you are under 1000 NM's....good stuff!!
Keep pulling those oars!!!!!
Soooo proud of you!!
Lots of love,
Lin and Den xxxx
Lin Rayment, 04 Mar 2010 08:57 GMT

Hi Norman James
Great to see you are now into 3 figures count down miles to go. I am involved in an organisation called Healing Rooms, so a small group of us prayed last night for your fingers to be healed. So we trust that God is working for you, I will watch your blog for the progress on the oar actuators.
Yours Richard Fasham
Richard Fasham, 04 Mar 2010 08:54 GMT

girlies on mission atlantic

what you all been eating the past few days, you speeding along!!

hang on in there, down to the last 600 miles now so going great and I reckon downhill all the way now lol

keep well and strong

loz, 04 Mar 2010 08:54 GMT

Joe and Chris HCLWF1
Still going well I think you can make it in 4th place which would be brilliant--well let's face it just getting there will be truly amazing,watching you all the way.Not long now,XXX
Mary and ian, 04 Mar 2010 08:25 GMT

Incroyable Vivaldi ! Chapeau (breton) bas mesdames ! Vous vous êtes offert le luxe d'égaler mardi votre record du 5 février (62 nm) !!! Mais où allez-vous chercher cette pêche d'enfer !!! ça doit agacer les rosbeefs un truc pareil... Keep going ladies ! Hughes
hughes de Rancourt, 04 Mar 2010 08:21 GMT

Vision of Cornwall
Still catching up at school. Technology beyond me has come into play at home!!!
Counting in days to the finish now, it's so exciting. Heard from your mum yesterday, so will be looking in at spotlight again tonight in the hope of catching their report. Hopefully there won't be another high profile event to fill the time and you will get your feature.
Getting so near now, so keep up the effort. X
Jill Chidg, 04 Mar 2010 08:17 GMT

Beech Boys, Morniing trust you are surfing well, now you have less than 1000 to go. Well done. Prayed for the hand, hope its ok. Haven't worked out the time difference but you got some prayer at 4.30am Thursday. Plough that furrow. Can't wait to meet Joe on dry land.
Isaac thought you might like to know Man Utd beat Villa 2 to1 in the League final. God Bless.
Stephen & Cindy, 04 Mar 2010 06:57 GMT

Morning Pete, Nyamezela, hang in there. You're on the home run now. God be with you to the end. Mike Slummies.
Mike Bee, 04 Mar 2010 05:43 GMT

Wonderful QBE, Membre du comité de soutien à Vivaldi, je félicite QBE qui entame sa dernière journée de mer. You two are so young and you've found the best way to row as quick as possible. Bravo, Vivaldi n'aura pas réussi à vous doubler.
e&h de Rancourt
e&h de Rancourt, 04 Mar 2010 03:49 GMT


Hey Norman and James. I hope that you are doing well and have a fun time on the journey.
Love from Carrie

LAZERZ Coniston Crusaders and ?CCF

Alan & Glenda Phillips, 04 Mar 2010 00:33 GMT

Ocean Summit , lâchez pas , vous y êtes presque , on pense à vous et vous souhaitons tout le meilleur pour cette fin de traversée..bientôt vous verrez les plages d Antigua
Take care and all the best for you
Anne et Gilles
anne ross, 03 Mar 2010 23:53 GMT

Hi Norman and James (Beech Boys Atlantic) Well done at Crossing the 1000 mark. Homeward stretch now on! Keep going, cant wait to hear all the interesting stories well done youre doing brilliantly, another day nearer to seeing Christine on the quayside. Love from the Sullivans
The Sullivan Family, 03 Mar 2010 23:45 GMT

annie mel. you are fast approaching the last quarter [all down hill] or should i say down stream. you have shown great determination and guts.throughout this epic voyage we are willing you on to get some big miles logged up for the remaining journey love pete
bristol balloon pete, 03 Mar 2010 23:31 GMT

courage à nos 2 KarukeRAMEURS, cette belle expérience arrive enfin à terme. Vivement dimanche, ou avant, pour enfin toucher terre,n'est ce pas les gars??
michel martin, 03 Mar 2010 22:43 GMT

Allezzzzzzzz, VIVALDI !
C'est le moment de ramer fortissimo ! Malgré les bobos, vous pouvez le faire.
Hier, c'est l'Histoire, demain le Mystère et aujourd'hui c'est CADEAU, on donne tout sans mollir... et on rattrape Karukera...
La gloire est proche, alors foncez bien concentrées jusqu'à l'écurie. Avec plein d' encouragements et de tendresses.
CAZERES, 03 Mar 2010 22:11 GMT

Bravo les françaises de Vivaldi
Bravo aussi aux français de Karukera (qui vont avoir un peu de temps à terre pour préparer un accueil du tonnerre aux françaises...)
La galanterie se retrouvera à terre si en mer chacun doit marcher à son rythme.
Courage pour cette fin de parcours, nous faisons notre possible pour vous aider d'ici.
e&h de Rancourt
e&h de Rancourt, 03 Mar 2010 21:42 GMT

Vous avez passé la barre des 200 miles, bientot celle des cent miles, mille millions de mille sabords! Souquez ferme matelots!
Allez Benoit allez François

Christian de Grenoble, 03 Mar 2010 21:24 GMT

Aller KARUKERA il y a longtemps que vous n'aviez pas été autant coursés par 4 filles. Le score des deux bateaux remonte, encore une très belle journée! bravo à tous!
Christian de Grenoble, 03 Mar 2010 21:21 GMT

Roberto Coin, No. 19

Go guys, go ... you're doing fantastically!!! We are all watching your progress daily and look forward to hearing about your last few hundred miles. Keep up the good work for your final push.

RE group

Carol Morgan, 03 Mar 2010 21:02 GMT

James & Oli....
Words fail me..Amazing! I hope you have a wonderful reunion with family and loved ones James . Think I might have to bow to you next time I see you!
With love Deb Keith Bill & Samxxxxxx
Deborah Edgley, 03 Mar 2010 20:50 GMT

OK, that was the hard half. The rest is down hill. Keep it up we are thinking about you.
Mike, 03 Mar 2010 20:48 GMT

James and Sam on HOTW - FA-BU-LEUX. Voila ce que vous etes!
Cogratulations in reaching the 3 figures. You really are putting on the pressure now! It's great to see you getting stuck in there, amongst the best. Keep your spirits up and at this rate you'll be there before you know it !!

Pat, Derek & Tim, 03 Mar 2010 20:05 GMT

Well done boys. Keep going, nearly there. Fantastic rowing so far. Beers on me when you get back to Burnham.

Mike And Jo
Mike & Jo, 03 Mar 2010 19:58 GMT

Pendovey Swift Hi Mike & Simon your doing great :-) not too far now you will soon smell the finish line, and be back at work before you know it. Bri & Chris
Chris , 03 Mar 2010 19:49 GMT


ça y est vous tenez le bon bout;
quelques miles et vous êtes arrivés.
Un mile à la rame, ça use ça use...
Et aussi un encouragement de Nantua.
Marc LAMY, 03 Mar 2010 19:49 GMT

Leo - WOW three great days! It is so exciting to watch those miles to the finish shrink - See you in a month or so!
XO Spell
spell, 03 Mar 2010 19:23 GMT

Phil and Skippy Vision of Cornwall

I cannot see, from France, what's happening on board of Vision of Cornwall but, I smell you put another pink panther on -on earth- from time to time, we put a tiger in our engine!

In that case, the efficiency is perfect and the carbon balance sheet is perfect too, moreover!

I am very proud of you, shouting efficiency in your direction...but very far away from you, in fact!

Jean-Noël, 03 Mar 2010 19:17 GMT

Go Missy Go Missy Go Go Go xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Clare Mark Connor, 03 Mar 2010 17:56 GMT

Rich(Roo) you really make me laugh!
I love your blogs Xhh
hilary hayton, 03 Mar 2010 17:54 GMT

Pendovey Swift - Mike & Simon.
Good going lads, nice to see you back into double figures each day, have you pinched an outboard off a passing vessel?. Keep it up, still listening to you on The Wave Radio breakfast show every wednesday and neither of you are sounding any more crazy than you were to start with!
Noel, 03 Mar 2010 17:03 GMT

Vivaldi - Allez les filles, plus que 300 miles et ce sera la farniente....
Nous sommes très fiers de vous.
Quitterie prend bien soin de ton dos.
Courage et bises à vous 4
robert martine-michel, 03 Mar 2010 16:21 GMT

Swampy et al.

Well done guys you are doing fantasticaly well. We are all so proud of you. There will be a beer waiting Swampy. All the best
Doug, 03 Mar 2010 16:14 GMT

Beech Boys

Last 900 miles amazing effort. Keep it up your both doing great. Really looking forward to watching the last miles disappear very excited for you both. Also can't wait to see photos of the beards,

db and kt, 03 Mar 2010 15:41 GMT

Beech Boys
Congratulations on reaching the three figure mark. Lets hope and pray the winds and waves will be in your favour from now on. We hope your finger is improving Norman and you have not had to endure any more mint flavoured porridge. Perhaps you could start a new trend when you return or go into manufacturing it. We will also have to have a pancake meal where you two make the pancakes, they are bound to be better than the ones I bought at a supermarket in Kendal ( had better not mention any names!) recently.
We miss meeting Christine in the co-op on Saturday mornings to discuss your progress. Keep up the good work .
Love Kay and Don
Kay Shepherd, 03 Mar 2010 15:25 GMT

La réponse à la charade d'hier était "Vivaldi" (Vive-Al-Di, car Vive Aldi, où c'est que Tam AL, et Di Manche). Bon, allez, on ne relâche pas et on reste détendues... Et bonjour à John of Angers ! Olivier
pof, 03 Mar 2010 15:13 GMT

allez Vivaldi! encore quelques jours et vous serez les + heureuses. Grosses bises à Laurence dRc. Jean-Luc es-tu le wonder man que j'ai connu au mirail? Si oui, j'ai encore + de plaisir à soutenir aussi les autres rames dames, et particulièrement laurence GC
amitiés à toutes les 4,
andre et Danièle
Andre et Daniele Meillon, 03 Mar 2010 14:46 GMT

Hi Oli & Jame - Team QBE Insurance - final push now guys! Keep up the amazing work. Love forward to a tequila or two when you're back Oli. Very proud mate.

Matt Hawksworth, 03 Mar 2010 14:31 GMT

Pendovey Swift - Not long to go now lads - couple more weeks and you can have a well deserved beer in the sun!!
Keep Going!!
Damon, 03 Mar 2010 14:25 GMT

Mam Paule est partie ce matin.Alors souquez ferme les filles il vous reste encore 4 ou 5 jours a souffrir . Chapeau pour votre exploit .
Raymond de Décines
Chevallier Raymond , 03 Mar 2010 14:09 GMT

Come on boys! We are really proud of you.I am going to write to some people on twitter!!!!Sing and make it easy....envisage the finnish!
charlotte, 03 Mar 2010 14:06 GMT

Joe and Chris HCLWF1
Still going well,now you have better winds use them to heave yourselves 2 places up the leader board then you will come in 3rd in pairs,go on you know you can do it.watching and willing you all the way.
Mary and Ian, 03 Mar 2010 14:03 GMT

Hi Joe and Chris HCL WF1

Great to see you're in good spirits and congratulations you're under the half century mark now !!( 458 from goal).
Use that surge of energy to pull away from DMaker also 458 away, but a slightly faster VMG in last 24hrs (2.35 against your 2.09)

less than 500 and counting - Fantastic.

Love, Kim, X
Kim, 03 Mar 2010 13:55 GMT


Come on Pete, you are doing so very well! Dig deep with every stroke you are one stroke closer to home and the loving arms of your family.

Go Pete Go. You can do it
Marion, 03 Mar 2010 13:54 GMT

Spirit Of MA, keep it up boys your nearly there.
Dobber, 03 Mar 2010 13:50 GMT

Hi Pete
Row row row
Not far to go now
Til the roll of the ocean is replaced by terra firma
and waiting on shore are Kim and Hannah.
Stay safe and strong
Lots of love
Louise Goddard, 03 Mar 2010 13:49 GMT

Norman and James
Congratulations on getting under the 1000 mile marker. We're watching you progress everyday. Roll or even 'Row' on the 500 mile marker in the next few weeks.
Keep smilng!
Jude and Doug
Jude and Doug, 03 Mar 2010 13:05 GMT

Rames Dames Vivaldi
Allez les filles, on s,accroche dans le sillage de Karukera et "on ne lache rien". Vous etes si pres du graal;
Maintenant ,votre merveilleuse epopee DOIT se terminer en apotheose,specialement pour Laurence G.
On oublie tous ses petits bobos et on souque.
Nous ne cessons de penser a vous avec emotion.
Adelante chicas. Enormes Bzz a vous 4.
michel, 03 Mar 2010 12:24 GMT

Norman and James, Beech Boys take a HOOT of PRAISE three figures left! Hope the weather sticks for you for a good while but remember.... ‘better a bad day on the water than a good day in the office!' Janet and Vicky x
Janet Vickers, 03 Mar 2010 10:52 GMT

Go Pete Go !! Smear the BUM BALM and ROW,Mfondini,ROW !!
Peter and Carlotta, 03 Mar 2010 10:48 GMT

Well done Mick and Lia, not far to go now. What a fantastic achievement. Champagne ready back here in Oundle.
Guy & Ans Chilvers, 03 Mar 2010 10:36 GMT


Hi boys, just thought I'd warn you that solo panasonic is steaming up behind you. One of his supporters thought this was because you were to busy playing with sheep, that can't be true cause you promised to leave them behind. Thinking about it, that would explain the circle you made a few days ago!!!!
Well get back to rowing and you should arrive in about 18 days.!!!!
Steve P, 03 Mar 2010 09:55 GMT

Allez les dames!! Vous arriviez juste pour l'anniversaire de Laurence, une deuxième bonne raison pour faire une énorme fete!
Marcus, 03 Mar 2010 09:45 GMT

Phil and Skippy Vision of Cornwall

Thanks a lot for your efforts, rowing both through the Ocean...

The earth, the Antigua earth, is very closed to you.

I am still astonished by your countinuous sea voyage.

On the computer screen, the trace described by Vision of Cornwall is countinuous even when the trace signs a perfect, ring corresponding to bad weather time...

Still have nice time...on the sea!

Jean-Noël, 03 Mar 2010 09:07 GMT

Hi Sean,

Keep up the progress, dot moving well across the pond. Watch out for those flying fish! Stay Safe,
Natalie McGowan, 03 Mar 2010 08:54 GMT

Brill chaps! I,ve got some champers on ice. Watching everyday
Richard Cummings, 03 Mar 2010 08:47 GMT

Hi Neil & Dean,fantastic progress,up to 19th now with 800 miles to go,howw great is that you must be feeling very proud,hope the weather is in your favour,still chilly here,keep your spirits up,keep save.
Kev.Chris, Lauren & Liam
Kevin Heames, 03 Mar 2010 08:20 GMT

Vision of Cornwall
Ben & Phil
we are watching your little dot and delighted to see you are going strong.
Love to you both and thanks for all you are doing for Cornwall Blind Association - your inspirational! xx
Debbie - Cornwall Blind Association, 03 Mar 2010 07:48 GMT

Allez les minettes! C'est pas le moment de molir! Une semaine à mettre le paquet!!
On vous encourage très très fort!
Mam de Lo
de rancourt, 03 Mar 2010 07:08 GMT

Hi James and Oli - QBE Insurance - what an amazing effort, nearly there lads, very proud! just think of that cold beer and foof guys, so close!! love from webby and fabs xxxx
Webby and Fabs, 03 Mar 2010 05:09 GMT

Hi Simon & Mike,
Great to see the mileage going back up on St David's day. Lets hope the weather has changed and you are on the home run.

My little boy has already said that I have to take him to Swansea to see your boat when you get back, so hurry up as my leave is due soon.

All the best
Dave Price
Dave Price, 02 Mar 2010 22:53 GMT

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