congratulations Sean, a fantastic achievement. John/Ursula Delaney. john delaney Désolé nous ne parlons pas Anglais, mais "congratulations" pour votre exploit et contents d'avoir été vos voisins a La Gomera début décembre 2009 Philippe et Francine de NACOUDA a la GOMERA Well done Sean, what determination you had on completeing yor nightmareish journey,it was a great pleasure in meeting you in Antigua and hearing about your battle across the Atlantic what a brave and courageous man you are also a credit to your Family.... All the best Bridget & Kevin Bridget & Kevin Pearce So delighted that you made it safely. Huge congrats....well done. You'll be wibbly-wobbly on land for a week! Sean and Aideen Killaloe Hello Sean, Just to say many congratulations on your achievement. I was there to witness your arrival, as I'd been sailing in ARW. It was an emotional moment for all those witnessing your arrival and I don't even know you! Congratulations again....amazing. Johanna Shaun, you really are a man of steel. Lookin forward to catching you at the prize giving. Tremendous! mike arnold Sean Job well done.!!!!Have enjoyed following your progress and monumental achievement. Good luck. Ian McGlade Congratulations Sean, a job well done.We are in awe at all the rowers achievements.Congratulations to you all.Also admiration of everyone involved on the organising teams.You all did an amazing job, with every competitor arriving safely. Brian King Cardiff Yacht Club,S. Wales. Brian King What an epic journey! It was a pleasure to meet you in La Gomera and I have watched you all the way. Well done Liz Scott (mighty bouche's Mum Liz Scott Comhgairdeas Sean, An maith go Deo. An gaisce deanta agat. Taimid an bhródúil gur as luimneach a Thainig Tu. go maireadh tu i bhfad. Frank Dennison Frank Dennison Abbeyfeale


Séan half way is in your sights well done keep her lit The women in Limerick will get rid of their PJ's when you finish just one word from you and it's done! :-)

Eamon Russell, 02 Mar 2010 22:29 GMT

Allez Vivaldi! Allez les filles!Bientôt l'arrivée! Plus le temps de regarder les poissons! RAMEZ! FONCEZ! vous êtes suivies de près!
Les mamans RAMES DAMES arrivent en force à Antigua pour vous accueillir.
Allez Quitterie, j'ai le code!
Un encouragement aussi aux autres Français, allez Karukera!
Sylvie M
Sylvie, 02 Mar 2010 22:04 GMT

annie mel. wow how fantastic to see you covering good distances. not only must you both feel great but you are making us all feel great, keep up the progress. love yous pete.
bristol balloon pete, 02 Mar 2010 21:59 GMT

Bravo les Frenchies Aller c'est que du bon, Aller VIVALDI et KARUKERA.
Ramez toujours, ramez encore, je parie encore sur KARUKERA.
Mais belle perf des deux bateaux courage, vous êtes vraiment super !

Christian de Grenoble, 02 Mar 2010 21:49 GMT

Phil and Skippy Vision of Cornwall

The warm and favorable wind is blowing again...from France!

The velocity of Vision of Cornwall is increasing and the distance left decreasing at the same time...
Jean-Noël, 02 Mar 2010 21:28 GMT

spirit of montanaro
magnificent progress lads got two now for the next two keep up the spirits and strength all the best to you both getting a lot closer now
paul collins
PAUL COLLINS, 02 Mar 2010 21:09 GMT

come on Sean i know ypu can do it hope you get there if you dont thats ok from rob nother ireland co.dub.

Rob Nother, 02 Mar 2010 21:03 GMT

To Vivaldi,
Laurence de R, remember, in stairs, in Angers, when you ask me what you were living for...
Pour tout cela, découvrir l'Amérique, faire rêver toute la famille et les amis, graver le marbre, construire une cathédrale,
just by rowing.
We absolutely want you introduce us your three fantastic sea sisters, as soon as you come back.
John from Angers

John from Angers, 02 Mar 2010 21:02 GMT

Vivaldi - Rames Dames
Vous faites une fin de course superbe d'efficacité !!!
Quelques coups de rame et vous arrivez ! la performance est magnifique. Bravo, beaucoup l'avaient rêvé mais il fallait le faire.
Bises à toi Laurence GC.
Jean-Luc GC
Jean-Luc, 02 Mar 2010 20:58 GMT

Hey Waterbabes,you guys are amazing..... you adding something extra to your rations ?? well done !! Mal xx
marilyn, 02 Mar 2010 20:52 GMT

Non non, les fans de Vivaldi, la galanterie a ses limites et comme la journée de la femme, et l'arrivée des femmes approche, ce serait dégradant pour vos héroïnes d'être avantagées pour la 2eme place.. Les beaux gosses de karukera ne sont pas des goujats
laurence de ste foy les lyon, 02 Mar 2010 20:28 GMT

HOTW - brilliant progress and at this rate, by the weekend, you will have overtaken Beech Boys who are only 35NM ahead . . . Still cannot believe that you have been out there for so long and are still racing onwards and at this speed but now the end really is in sight - maybe a finish by the 20th - who knows ! but the end really is so near for you both. Best of luck and we will keep following you on line.
David, 02 Mar 2010 19:59 GMT

Ollie & James QBE, Landward Ho..boys thats mum and dad on the cliff top, well done nearly there fantastic effort, dad said BIG PARTY at the Towers! Go Go.
Bob&Lis Oulton Broad, 02 Mar 2010 19:47 GMT

Skippy & Phil

We are worried that Skippy has eaten phill!

Loving Licks x
Daisy Duke, 02 Mar 2010 19:41 GMT

pendovey swift - mike & simon

Flying again dudes! keep it up
Nigel Bradshaw, 02 Mar 2010 18:46 GMT

To Vivaldi & Karukera. On s'autorise à dire dans les milieux autorisés que les boys auraient décidé de nous la jouer Frenchy Fair Play et d'attendre ces dames afin de couper ensemble la ligne d'arrivée... COOL ! Voilà qui devrait en boucher un coin aux Rosbeefs, en attendant de leur mettre la pâtée dans le tournoi des six Nations puisque seule la France est invaincue et a bien l'intention de s'offrir le grand chelem... Et l'arbitrage partial habituel n'y changera rien ! Imaginez qu'on leur met 5 essais à rien dans les naseaux et ça vous donnera du peps pour souquer ! Tons of kisses from Hughy.
de Rancourt Hughes, 02 Mar 2010 18:26 GMT

Hey there Chris & Joe Team HCL, you probably now know why you didn't row before, and probably never want to see another oar again! We've been dot watching since you set off and you are both doing brilliantly, we're in awe of what you have achieved. We've got everything crossed for you that the wind and waves are with you til you reach the finish line. As Yoda would say, may the force be with you. West sussex is thinking you. x
Ailsa McM, 02 Mar 2010 18:20 GMT

WOW! Luck has changed big time. Long may it stay so. I can barely get my head round what you'rr doing but it's pretty imprresiive - awesome even.
God Bless
mike, 02 Mar 2010 18:00 GMT

luke and macca

my boys, my heros , you are flying now!!!! sooooo proud of you both !!
love you
kaz xxxxx
kaz , 02 Mar 2010 17:46 GMT

Hello Stormin and James!
ACE down to 3 figures, fantastic! well done, hope the celebrations with Jammie dodgers was good :) keep going
lots of love
Mark, Rach, Tom, Matt and Dan, 02 Mar 2010 17:24 GMT

Beech Boys

Great to see you're surging westwards again and through the 1000 to go barrier !!

Kids were delighted with a toot on your blog and a little amazed to be in contact with you mid-ocean.

Keep battling on. Really looking forward to the salty old sea dog tales in May.

Woody, Sue, Billy, Joe and Daisy
Woody , 02 Mar 2010 17:24 GMT

Hi Olli,
Been following your progress and am over the moon to see you doing so well.Not long to go now& it's looking like the champagne corks will be flying!.. we've all got our fingers crossed for you anyway.Loads of love,Miranda.xx
miranda (cuz), 02 Mar 2010 17:21 GMT

Hello les rames dames.
Courage, dernière ligne droite. On ne lâche rien, vous êtes incroyablement bien placées et c'est d'autant plus remarquable que c'est votre première course. Allez plein de courage. Et vous pouvez vraiment être fières de vous.
Clémence Bordier, 02 Mar 2010 17:17 GMT

Red Arrow - Very proud of you and watching your progress, thinking of you every day and reading all your stuff! x
Hilary Maya Theo, 02 Mar 2010 17:06 GMT

hej brian & ole ! flot klaret, i skal nok naa maalet. hold ud !
kirsten, 02 Mar 2010 16:49 GMT

Roberto Coin keep going ,so nearly there, everyone in the Algarve is cheering you home all watching your daily progress not long now cannot believe how well you have done. will drink to you tonight (Amarguinha)!
Jane and Roger, 02 Mar 2010 16:08 GMT

Hi Norman and James,
Excellent getting under the 1000 mile mark! Definitely on the home stretch now,
All the best from Simon &Katharina
Simon and Katharina, 02 Mar 2010 15:54 GMT

Go Leo!
Looking good, moving steady! Keep it swinging.

Old Riverside 5:30AM crowd
Mike R-B, 02 Mar 2010 15:45 GMT

It's all down hill from here
go get em
Paul Verc
Paul Vercollone, 02 Mar 2010 15:23 GMT

James - do you fancy a cheesy naan bread from the Sundarbon in Selly Oak? Have you been thinking about this alot?! ha

You guys are doing sooo well! Keep it up and bring it home :)
Rachel @ UBSport, 02 Mar 2010 15:21 GMT


Paul Vercollone, 02 Mar 2010 15:21 GMT

Go Sam go James in HOTW - your VMG and distance covered yesterday was the best of ALL the fleet - 54nm wow! Fa-bu-lous. Really great stuff - hope the winds stay with you
Take good care of yourselves
Pat, 02 Mar 2010 14:55 GMT

Hi Sean. Great to see the consistant progress over the last few days. keep the rhythm going now! We are all rooting for you. Head up. Richard
Richard Allen, 02 Mar 2010 14:34 GMT

Hi Pete
I really hope the weather treats you well this week and you can reduce those miles to the finishing line at a rapid pace.
Stay safe and strong
Lots of love
Louise Goddard, 02 Mar 2010 14:21 GMT

mon premier est le nom de Tam, mon second est le prénom d'un département,
mon tout est ce qu'on souhaite à ce super mec fait du premier et du second !
J'espère que l'eau est belle. Bonnes balades à vous ! Olivier
pof, 02 Mar 2010 14:18 GMT


They got stuck in a current which has held them back, but hopefully now back underway. Keep the whip handy now your heading for the finishing post soon !! Go get em boys. Mum & Dave
jackie cummings, 02 Mar 2010 13:33 GMT

Venant d'apprendre que Quitterie avait souffert de mal au dos je compatis et l'assure de mon soutien moral. Courage car l'arrivée approche même si cela ne paraît pas toujours évident !
De gros bisous pour toi Quitterie à partager avec tes trois coéquipières.
LEGRAND Thérèze, 02 Mar 2010 13:31 GMT

Hi Alex and Luke Fantastic 24 hours rowing boys!! You rowed further than anyone yesterday! Keep it up!! Lots of love Lyn, Rodger, Blaine and Christopher xx
Lyn, 02 Mar 2010 13:22 GMT

Vision of Cornwall, Ben and Phil,
Did you here about the Irish Jelly Fish ... It Set... Love Rica,
who is now 40 years old!!.
Yeh! and you thought things were hard going. " Antigua , Antigua ,bet you'd really love to see her.
Her shores are calm and the winds, man! there arn't any.
Knot long now Benny, don't you know Phil,it's like the bay of Plenty.
Keep rowing keep rowing and it's
to home you'll be goin...
Come on Cheers Samuel, Rica, Finlay and Otis.

Samuel Cummings, 02 Mar 2010 13:18 GMT

Vision of Cornwall.
Have you missed me? Still no connection at home!
Very pretty loop-the-loop feature on your trace, but try to just head for home if you can!!
Looks as if conditions are more favourable now, so go for it.
Willing you forward! X
Jill Chidg, 02 Mar 2010 13:05 GMT

Fandabadozy!!!! Just brilliant to see you past the 1000 to go! An extra special thank you from four little birches for the licence to eat round biscuits with jam in (nearly as exciting!!). We've declared it an official jammy dodger day (luckily a bumper pack was stored in our port locker - otherwise known as messy cupboard in kitchen). Praying especially for your hand Norman. Lots of rather sticky hugs to you both! Jill Warren Daniel Evannie Anna and Lydia xxxxxx

The Birch Clan, 02 Mar 2010 13:03 GMT

Vision of Cornwall.......wakey wakey girls!!! cant go t sleep now after all the work youve put in. or i'll get mr motivator on yo ass!
james.c, 02 Mar 2010 12:52 GMT

hi sean i hope u don't fall over board or get tooooo cold well if u come 4rom ireland u will have tought skin
wolf salsa, 02 Mar 2010 12:25 GMT

hi sean! all of 4th class wish you well! Dont give up! your almost there!
Ella, 02 Mar 2010 12:25 GMT

All the ladies praying for you,miss you very much love ya lots keep going and god bless
mam and all the old ladies in milford, 02 Mar 2010 11:58 GMT

Simon & Mike the Element Team.....Go on guys!!! Your both doing amazing. Hope your still talking to each other and things are going well for you :-) Keep it up, we're all cheering you on...All the best, Jay and the boys at Element Outdoors.
Jay - Element Outdoors, 02 Mar 2010 11:44 GMT

Well done boys. Nearly there..Our thoughts are with you.
Adrian Hearne & Family, 02 Mar 2010 11:37 GMT

Its** like this Sean,Feb 14th.going to Florida.Guess what we are going by Jet.This proves that the folk from the Kingdom love their comforts.Keep your spirits up.All in Ross rooting for you
Marie and Liam, 02 Mar 2010 11:34 GMT

All-Nighters: Mind Games
Jonah Lehrer explores how the nature of the human mind can make it an enemy of sleep.
msmarystrikens, 02 Mar 2010 10:58 GMT

Hi Mel and Annie, You Guys are truly amazing to have rowed oh so far and to still be in touch with the main bunch. Absolutely fantastic achievement.
Keep at it. Not that you have much choice!
Len and Wendy
Len and Wendy, 02 Mar 2010 10:49 GMT

Team Heatwave...Morning!!!

Happy Belated Birthday Neil..oh by the way Help the Aged have been on..concerned that an old fella like you is splashing about n the atlantic!!!...Tee hee...Take care love jo x
jo fox, 02 Mar 2010 10:37 GMT

Phil and Skippy Vision of Cornwall

The distance to Antigua is lest than 25% of the full distance, now.

The meteorological conditions cannot be worse than those you encountered before!

Vision of Cornwall position is in a very good situation.

And you have an advance on others rowing boats.

Finally, you are still far ahead from me, but I am close to you.

Jean-Noël, 02 Mar 2010 10:31 GMT

Hey Mission Atlantic.. keep on rowing ... keep on rowing.. la la la! Still thinking of you lots and pots and sending you heaps of energy x
Hannah and Rory, 02 Mar 2010 10:04 GMT

To Roberto Coin No. 19
Come on boys, 11th March - or better, beckons.
Great work. God Speed.
Geoff. Clarke, Shrewsbury
Geoff. Clarke, 02 Mar 2010 09:20 GMT

Go on..Go on..Go on........Get back in the race boys!! How amazing have you been so far.. Sending you good vibes. I'll have one of those oars!! Push it...not long to go!
Nicky, 02 Mar 2010 09:13 GMT

Hi Norman and James! Hooray! 3 digits look so much better than 4! Fantastic! The Greens Indoor Rowers have done their 10 weeks and are most proud! Cash pouring in now! The more intrepid among us are still rowing with you and have set ourselves some new little challenges; I will add in the 2litre shower! Very best wishes to both. PS Does the thickening of the handle help at all? PPS A hundred children and some staff at my school are keeping 2 Rowing machines going all day on Friday(5th) plus various other WAid activities. All the best, V
Vicky, 02 Mar 2010 09:08 GMT


Come on Ben & Phil now is not the time to lag behind dig deep and it will soon be all over all your family & friends are willing you on, give us all an oar and we will help. Keep the sustenance up. Take Care, your nearly there! Lots of Love Mum & Dave
jackie cummings, 02 Mar 2010 09:05 GMT

Congratulations Norman and James for going through the 1000 mark! Bet those jammy dodgers tasted good!

Hope your hand will ease Norman - I see you have had some good advice.

Thanks for phoning on my birthday - that was just so cool!! Sorry it was a difficult time and day for you though! Wishing you the best weather conditions from now on - and all down hill! May the dolphins speed you on your way! Much love Gill, Mike, Katie and Hannah
Mike and Gill, 02 Mar 2010 08:54 GMT

Atlantic Dragon / Patience - stop loafing and start smashing yourselves! good work now push yourselves and climb up the leader board. Rest is weakness. Lots of love, orlando
Orlando Rogers, 02 Mar 2010 08:30 GMT

Hi Norman and james,
Your doing really well, keep it up! Hope you dont have to go on the para anchor again!
Even though its march now we still have a sharp frost and slight snow!!
We will keep praying for you every sunday.
Love Guy, Gill and Olivia
Olivia, Guy and Gill pickup, 02 Mar 2010 08:20 GMT

Luke and Mac
WOW awesome rowing guys! keep the record numbers up x sue x
sue, 02 Mar 2010 08:05 GMT

Hi Dean...
You guys are doing incredibly well, right up there in the front runners!...Hope you are both still best mates!...keep it up, we're cheering you on...Fi, John &
Fiona Cazaly, 02 Mar 2010 08:02 GMT

Mission Atlantic.

Keep up the good work. You are going great guns. The big island is also dot watching.

Peter. (Richard's Uncle. Perth Western Australia).
Peter A. Liron, 02 Mar 2010 07:31 GMT

Hi Phil & Skippy,
Couldn't sleep so here I am. You are doing so well we are very proud of you. Hope the weather is better for you. Take care.
Love Ali and Bernard xx
Bernard & Ali, 02 Mar 2010 04:51 GMT

ahoy pendovey swift,
nature is not helping we know, but we are praying for the winds to be in your favour,all our friends are cheering you both along,god speed,colin and eileen
colin taylor, 02 Mar 2010 02:45 GMT

annie tracks tv programe featured the 2009 balloon fiesta introduced by ben fogle on sunday it didnt show you or your boat. but you must attend this years event to show off what you are about to achieve. fantastic result yesterday 35 ish miles. just build on this result .love pete.
bristol balloon pete., 02 Mar 2010 01:26 GMT

To The Beech Boys
Hi N and J,
You are doing sooooooo well!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!
(I attend the bobbin lace with Grannie Minnie - we all watching your progress!!!)
Belated happy birthday to James!!
Marbeth Hill , 02 Mar 2010 00:06 GMT

hi uncle leo, its your favorite red sox fan. congrats on making it over the half way point. keep up the great work. eric.
eric altenbach, 01 Mar 2010 23:21 GMT

Hi Annie and Mel
Watever your time - Record or not - your achievement willl be truly AWESOME - mad yes - but AWESOME. Unbelievable really
Love Mike
MIKE, 01 Mar 2010 22:35 GMT

Hi Alexander and Luke, thinking of you both in admiration of how well you are both coping with the atlantic ocean. See you are making better progress of late and we are all rooting for a speedy return to dry land. LOVE YOU LOADS XXXXXXXX
Auntie Susan, Mac, Grace and Sarah
susan, 01 Mar 2010 22:28 GMT

mission atlantic
great going girls you really are steaming at the moment, moved up another place,

fantastic effort over the past 24 hours

love and hugs to all

loz, 01 Mar 2010 21:48 GMT

Well done Norman and James , you are down into the three digit countdown. You guys are both awesome!! Had a good giggle reading about the '2 litre shower' routine, funny but a good reminder about why you two are out there.

Katie, Colin, Jason, Gareth and Sarah
The Hodgsons, 01 Mar 2010 21:44 GMT

Phil and Skippy Vision of Cornwall

I blow on Vision of Cornwall, warm, soft and east main direction winds...

Paradise is closed to Antigua...
Jean-Noël, 01 Mar 2010 21:04 GMT

Hi Joe and Chris on HCL WF1

You've had a fantastic 24hrs . 7th place and 534 NM to goal, behind Patience 474and R Coin 453. You pulled out second fastest VMG of the 28 crews at 2.33 .

Keep it focused and keep it positive.
Love, Kim, x
Kim, 01 Mar 2010 20:54 GMT

To Limited Intelligence (3 of 4) -
You're doing brilliantly - keep it up, fellows: we're proud of you - especially now that you're rowing in the right direction! Tony S d'I.
Tony Skaife, 01 Mar 2010 20:49 GMT

I have been following the race at who has really good articles on this race and wanted to tell you all very good luck.
Maggie Newman, 01 Mar 2010 20:43 GMT

Du comité de soutien de Vivaldi à Karukera
Allez les garçons français, c'est pas bien de passer devant les filles françaises pour passer la ligne d'arrivée. Montrez aux anglais qu'en France nous savons être galant.
2 jours de mer, c'est rien après les deux mois passés...
Nous comptons sur vous!
e&h de Rancourt
e&h de Rancourt, 01 Mar 2010 20:39 GMT

Hi Sarah and team, you're doing brilliantly.......not too much further now.Antigua and relaxation are waiting for you.. hope the sores etc aren't too bad!
Keep safe,Love Lindsay &SteveXX
Lindsay Robins, 01 Mar 2010 20:36 GMT

Patience, boat 47

less than 500 to go not long now - your doing great, we are trying to locate a web cam so we can watch you arrive at Antiga!! stay safe.

Carol and Graham (CYC)
carol clark, 01 Mar 2010 20:35 GMT

HOTW - Hi James and Sam, just checked to see where you were at and saw your amazing VMG and DMG rates. - Really amazing stuff at the mo, you are up there with the high flyers and really getting some good mileage under your belts. Keep it up you are both doing brilliantly
Derek - North Lancing
Derek, 01 Mar 2010 20:03 GMT

Hi Sam and James on HOTW is residing iiwe really
admire your spirit of adventure ,we were brought up in Seaview I O W on the sea and thought Benbridge was far enough we are thinking of you and wish you the best of luck , Regards and best wishes from us all. Sam I am Pru's massage therapist and married to Jack's Dad,
my son Josh is residing in Antigua running a fishing boat for the winter, he should be inENglish Harbour, I shall tell him to look out for you he is Josh Wise, I saw Pru today she was well. Keep safe and good luck, Nikki Smallman
The Smallmans, 01 Mar 2010 20:02 GMT

Atlantic Waterbabes

well done, some great mileage over the past couple of days. up to 14th place which is amazing! we all can't wait to see you Kiley and are thinking of you all the time. keep staying strong xxx Love Clare
Clare Kinsella, 01 Mar 2010 19:59 GMT

to daddy i am looking forward to seeing you in antigua. hope you are seeing dolphins. love from lauren xxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lauren Arnold, 01 Mar 2010 19:07 GMT

Big man,big man, big man ! congrats on the reaching the point of no return. All looks favorable for that downhill run. Out of the red zone and back into the yellow. We're watching you Halcyon......M&J
mal, 01 Mar 2010 19:01 GMT

Salut les héros et les héroïnes !

Cousine toulousaine de la compétitrice Rancourt, pleine d'admiration pour vous tous !
On pense régulièrement à vous, et à quel point cette aventure est merveilleusement folle !
Laurence, tu es à la une de tous les reports Rancourt !!
Alors bon courage pr les derniers miles !! Vous y êtes presque (contentes, j'imagine ?) !

Des bises à toutes les 4!
Les Puybusque
Anne de Puybusque, 01 Mar 2010 18:49 GMT

goody goody les boys !

vous avancez bien courage ! et brabo bravo ! bisous
isa, 01 Mar 2010 18:49 GMT

Rob and Stuart. Nearly there,nearly there! Good luck in the final stretch.
kent kate and Chris, 01 Mar 2010 18:32 GMT

Le printemps pointe son nez, mais Vivaldi arrivera avant, c'est sûr !!!
Sacré pari que vous avez fait là , bientôt bingo !!!
Connaissant Lo de R, on rêve de vous connaître toutes !
Nous vous embrassons
Jacques et Véro et surtout Corentin, 01 Mar 2010 17:56 GMT

Phil & Skippy,

Glad to see you are on the move again - hopefully that is the last of the bad weather! Fantastic effort so far. 2 weeks til KFC fellas :-)

Man hugs
Jon G, 01 Mar 2010 17:46 GMT

Ollie and James on QBE.

Just one more heave! Mum and Dad have llt the barbie, can you smell it? We are lost in admiration, a superb effort!...

Val, Barry, Graham, Mark and Blair

Barry Shimmield, 01 Mar 2010 17:32 GMT


Hi Guys,
Been tracking your progress and great to hear your close to passing the 1000 mark. Plus I now realise there is no excuses on keeping clean on expedition if 2L of water is all thats needed! Keep up the great work. And we'll raise a toast to you guys tonight at 10 - Slainte

All the Best from Alex & the rest of UBSport at Birmingham
Alex Taylor, 01 Mar 2010 17:24 GMT

Vivaldi : allez les filles ! vous faites une super course et c'est la dernière ligne droite ! Courage !
Amélie de Rancourt, 01 Mar 2010 17:00 GMT

Avec vous jusqu'au bout : on pousse, on souffle, bref on vous accompagne de nos pensées et de nos encouragements.
A bientôt
christine de Rancourt, 01 Mar 2010 17:00 GMT

Bravo à Laurence et aux 3 équipières.
Bon courage pour ce dernier "tronçon". Quelle joie quand vous pourrez crier "terre à l'horizon".
On sera curieux d'avoir des nouvelles en direct...
On vous embrasse
Chantal Aubé
chantal aubé, 01 Mar 2010 16:59 GMT

Bravo à Quitterie et aux filles
pour la performance et le courage
lyliane et henri, 01 Mar 2010 16:33 GMT

Vivaldi super , quelle leçon de courage, vous arrivez presque au bout, et à quelle place....impressionnant bravo pour les "derniers" coups de rame...
La maraine Marie Ma
Marie Ma, 01 Mar 2010 16:23 GMT

Hi Leo,

It is an incredible accomplishment to have come so far facing such adverse conditions. Hopefully the next half of the trip will include a more accomodating weather pattern. Faye has related your fascinating encounters with other ocean travellers. Perhaps we should all put to sea at some point in our lives and learn some civility and consideration toward others!

Keep rowing and stay well. Sheila and I think of you frequently bouncing about in the mid Atlantic.

George Daley, 01 Mar 2010 15:30 GMT

Hi Pete
Been out of touch, but not out of mind, for a while and it's great to see you're still progressing towards the finish line at a steady pace.
And what fantastic luck to meet up with the 'Fear' guys, swimming and chatting like 'normal' folk!
Stay safe and strong
Lots of love
Louise Goddard, 01 Mar 2010 15:21 GMT

C`mon Deano, you`ve moved up a place and are just behind the Welsh firefighters, you should catch them cos they`re too busy looking fo sheep, no flies on them boyo`s
Steve brooke- Leeds, 01 Mar 2010 15:10 GMT

all the way home is downhill !!! Candles are still blazing dont forget to look up to the skies you will see them guiding your way home.
Mary Reidy, 01 Mar 2010 14:41 GMT

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