Well done Nick and Patience you are now lying 5th the whole club is routing for you Cardiff yacht club Ray Perriam You're doing SO well - keep it up and head towards those winds! Have finally watched the immersion test video - um, just wondering if I should let my ma see it and brighten her day! Can see my next holiday getting closer... Much love Susan & Ali x Susan G Making progress lads! Get in the groove and keep pushing - doing great! Breitling!! Breitling Tim! Robert and Stu hope that aggressive wind is not hampering too much, be safe we are all thinking of you lets hope the wind blows Ocean Summit nearer to Antigua You are both doing so well. Cant wait to see you Love Mum and Dad Monica and Mike Monica Casserley Britannia III - Linda sussed your cunning plan - first Antigua, then Barbados, and with a few tweaks of the compass you should be heading for SCARBOROUGH....the capital of Tobago!! Now that is your Yorkshire spirit shining through!!! sandy shores x NYAMAZELA - SWAARIE "I watched a snail crawl across the edge of a razor. Thats my dream...crawling, slithering along the edge of a straight razor...and SURVIVING!" Go B.I.G swaarie! Russell Russell Good morning Pete Great to see you're progressing at a steady rate. Vasbyt and hold on tight to your dream. Stay safe and strong Lou Louise Goddard go go go go go yorkshire challenger!! kaz dad gabbs claire xxxxx karen grose Good morning Charlie aboard JJ (Insure & Go). What a performance; you must be superhuman! Stay safe and best wishes. Ed & Susie Back Ed & Susie Back Good morning Olli & James aboard QBE Insurance Challenger. Great rowing over the last twenty-four hours. Keep it up boys! Our thoughts are always with you. Mum & Dad Back xxx Ed & Susie Back


Day 1 (Mon 4th Jan 1330 - Tue 5th Jan 1330)

06 Jan 2010 08:14 GMT

After the first 24 hours at sea all crews in this years race are making steady progress towards the finish. There is a surprise leader in the form of Charlie Pitcher rowing JJ. He not only leads the solo class by 7 nautical miles, but the entire fleet, having made good 30 nm through the first 24 hours. This is without doubt a remarkable achievement. In overall second place is QBE Insurance Challenger, who led off the line yesterday. They trail JJ by just 1 nm, and lead the nearest pairs boat by just 3nm. In the fours class Mission Atlantic lead both Limited Intelligence and Vivaldi by 7nm.

As stated yesterday, all the crews are travelling predominantly South so while they are covering good distance, they aren’t making direct ground to the finish.

Throughout the first day the Woodvale Office has received a number of questions regarding the progress of each crew. To clear up any confusion the VMG is velocity made good and refers to the velocity (speed) made good towards the finish line. The DMG is distance made good which is the distance travelled by a crew towards the finish line based on the shortest route (i.e. as the crow flies). A crew will always row a greater distance than the DMG, simply because they will not be able to row a shorter distance than that of the ‘crow’. The DTF is the distance to the finish and is the true measure of who is leading. Quite simply it is the distance between a crews last known position and the finish line, and crews are ordered from the least to the greatest distance from the finish on the progress page.

Each day, following the previous days rowing there will be a daily statistic, which shall note any interesting observations throughout the fleet. With that in mind, with 30 crews passing over the start line yesterday it may be of interest to note that should they all make it to the finish, they will have rowed the equivalent of half way to the moon, and after day 1 (at 1330 on Tuesday 5 January following 24 hrs of the race) they had completed a combined total of 410 nautical miles, with an average DMG of nearly 14 nautical miles (0.5% of the total race distance). It is important to bear in mind all crews are travelling south at this stage, so do not read to much into the speeds (VMG) and distances (DMG) and as such are not travelling directly for the finish line.


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