Well Done to all the crews who have finished. Your work is done and your families must be delighted to have you back safe again. C'mon Tess, hope those whales are giving you encouragement, thinking of you Sean, stay safe. Natalie McGowan Hi Pete Great going....still stroking those oars lovingly I see! Those wonderful beaches in Antigua are almost within sight...as are Kim and Hannah. Stay safe and strong Lots of love Louise Louise Goddard Less than 500 to go Dean and Neil.Fantastic stuff.I,m off to juggle in Selby Abbey tomorrow so a big prayer will be said for you both.....Keep on pulling the oars and start looking out for those landfall lights.All the very best....Dave. Dave Jellybean Ahoy there Beech Boys ! Oooh... the thought of an early morning "slam dunk" wave - great description guys. Glad James is on the mend, hope your hand's holding out Norman. What mileage !... only 650 to go - brilliant, just think of the glory... well okay, just being able to stop ! Regards, David David Taylor Hi Pete Louise Goddard PENDOVEY SWIFT what will i do every morning when you finish this race,we check on you both every day am/pm ,nothing will ever interest us as much as this has. COLIN AND EILEEN colin taylor Well done Seán & Tess, Good to see another milestone tumblin' down, the rest are sure to follow. Keep safe and stay strong!! Love Brigid, Adrian, Seán, Rónan & Darragh xxxxx The Lyons CLan Simon & Mike (Pendovey Swift). Fantastic effort guys......keep it going, not long left before dry land. Been following your progress with interest and admiration. Looking forward to hearing the TALL stories , I'm sure youve got for us all. See you soon! Arwel. Arwel Hughes Hey guys fantastic rowing. You're almost there. Wish I could be there to see you touch ground. Enjoy you're week of sleep when its done. Keep up the great work. Rob Blaine Christopher and Sonny. Fluffy says Hi too Rob Gorg ladies... Meddles, Kiley, Karon and Jo.... wow you are a whisper away ! Watching your special dot move along the progress report - speachless at your achievement ! Get your glad rags ready... your nearly in :) See you soon, love, love xxxx Heidi


Vivaldi (Rames Dames cross the finish line at 18.04 UTC

10 Mar 2010 11:22 GMT

Vivaldi (Rames Dames) Win the Fours Class of the Atlantic Rowing Race 2009!

The Rames Dames crossed the finish line at 18.04 UTC on the 9th March 2009, giving them first place in the Atlantic Rowing Race 2009 Fours Class and a crossing time of 64 days, 4 hours and 34 minutes.

Rames Dames, consisting of Catherine, Laurence, Quitterie & Laurence entered the race to test their limits and boundaries. They are all endurance athletes, Catherine having trekked through Nepal and across the Sahara, Laurence DR having climbed Kilimanjaro & Mount Kenya, Quitterie was an officer in the French Navy & Laurence GC has trekked in Kazakhstan, Malaysia & Indonesia. Rowing the Atlantic is now another activity they can tick of the list!

The Rames Dames struggled with the heat of rowing the Atlantic daily and often compared their living and sleeping compartments to a Sauna that took ages to get out of because of the heat making them even more tired than they were when they got in.

They took particular care to look after themselves and each other, making no room for injury or medical problems. This is very important when rowing in a four, especially with the watch system that the French four set up.

They preferred rowing in the night due to better performance and more motivating conditions.

The hard work and attention to detail clearly paid off!

Congratulations Rames Dames!


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