Leo, Keep up the great work, you are doing well. I am going to take you for a big STEAK when you finish. Jack Jack Brosnahan Pendovey swift. Bringing her home now lads, cant believe you left it until now to get the seagull out. Hope the foods holding up, just about to tuck into a big steak. Never mind cold beers waiting for you in less than 500 miles. Keep at it. Gower Power! Steve Davies annie mel. well done again today you are continuing to out row your rivals you must be doing something that they aint. the 120 kids and 10 staff watching beech boys rowed 76 km on friday. so they must be somewhere in the north sea. love pete. bristol balloon pete Vision of Cornwall - Hi Ben and Phil, you are doing so so well. Keep positive and keep going. Everyone is routing for you and wishing you well. Love and big hugs. Helen xxx Helen Mildren Sean keep up the good work. Heard your report a few days ago on the radio. Wishing you all the best for the rest of the race. Jimmy Harrold Limerick James ne baissez pas les bras ! ca va s arranger, vous etes near the but !kiss isa Séan great progress your speed has picked up looking good I will break open a bottle of bubbly when you make the half way mark not to far away keep it up Eamon Eamon Russell Keep it up Patience, you are doing brilliantly at the moment. Only a couple more days to go .Live your dreams,stay safe. Willing you on all the way. Good Luck, Brian King C. Y. C.. Brian King Congratulations to Francois and Benolt on KARUKERA, what an achievement! James Ketchell's mum&dad (speedo) [email protected] Ketchell Hi Mike Pendovey swift Just over 500 miles to go Your doing well Keep going. George Thomas and william Keay George and Thomas and william Keay