To Heritage Explorer. Sorry to hear start date delayed. Sponsored you in the summer when you were in Petersfield outside Lloyds Bank. Will be following your progress and good luck. Regards Barry Barry Lucas just seen, the news, about the delay. just think of it as a warm up ! Alan Alan Thomas --- AUK trustee HOTW - Just logged on to the website to wish you well thinking that you only had a few hours until the start!! Now that i realise you are leaving on the 29th you must be quite frustrated. You could just man up and go anyway, Joe and I would have but if your scared................. Andrew Jordon-White Pecker up Charlie! Xmas with the folks then back at it. Remember you are a double hard bastard, and this stuff will just bounce off you! Si Simon Tribe Hey Leo, Sorry about the delays. We miss you, but no worries -- we'll keep the home fires a burnin' so to speak. We'll be cheering you on all the way to the finish line! Go Halcyon! Renee Renee Leo, The 29th now! Merry Christmas. Hope the weather is nice. Get a suntan on Christmas day. I'll try to call you tomorrow. Mike Mike merry christmas joe and chris, can think of worse places to be at christmas, even if it is an enforced stay. Any chance of turkey dinner ? a bit of bulking up probarbly wouldn,t go a miss. lots of love and best wishes to you both.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ruthand Phil Thompson Norman and James, Sorry to hear about all the problems you are having. Whatever happens everyone is very proud of you both. Steve Jackson HOTW - James, see you for a drink at Christmas then?? What a nightmare, hope everythings holding up ok..... Joe Jordon-White Will and Tom, Hope you get started soon,we will follow you, so wish you lots of good luck for a safe return. All the Best Trish and John John and Trish Richards


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